Dog Days

Angie Ripple  |   Sunday Aug. 1

August in Bozeman is a hot month of exciting events, water recreation opportunities, back-to-school activities and the general hustle and bustle of MSU students returning. In this issue of Bozeman Magazine, our 170th, we’ve brought a variety of…

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What's Your Beef? Not So Quiet Riot

Phil Knight  |   Sunday Aug. 1

Decades ago, when I first lived here, Bozeman was pretty quiet. I could sit in my yard and enjoy a peaceful evening. I could hear and feel the spirit of this Valley of the Flowers. Places do have a spirit – an essence if you will – built…

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August Cover Artist: Nicholas MacKay

Sunday Aug. 1

Photographer Nicholas MacKay is 20 years old and was born and raised in Bozeman, MT. He is a classically trained ballet dancer from both the prestigious Russian Vaganova Ballet Academy and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, spending summers at The Royal…

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Sidewall Pizza Company

Elsa Russell  |   Sunday Aug. 1

It was Sidewall Pizza’s outdoor space on the Northeast corner of the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture that first caught my eye. It reminded me of a yard party: fun and inviting. I knew I had to check it out, and I was not disappointed. This…

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Madeline Hawthorne's Debut Album Boots

Missy Glenn  |   Sunday Aug. 1

Amongst the isolation and tragedy of the past year and a half, music was halted in place - musical icons were lost to Covid-19, live music was put on pause, bands were disbanded, recording studios shut down; the music industry took a huge hit…

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Joseph Lindley and His Park

Rachel Phillips  |   Sunday Aug. 1

These days, when one thinks of the Sweet Pea Festival, Lindley Park usually comes to mind. While the celebration is itself a Bozeman icon, so too is the popular city park that has been the Sweet Pea Festival’s home for the last 43 years. The…

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Reroute to Pilgrim for Kids Cycling

Kat Forester  |   Sunday Aug. 1

Looking for something fun to do with your kids this summer in Bozeman? Now through August 13, Pilgrim Church [2118 S 3rd Ave, Bozeman] is hosting a race track for kids and families to bike, trike and skate on. The church has converted a portion of…

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July Cover Artist: Gina DiMaggio

Thursday Jul. 1

Gina DiMaggio is a Bozeman artist originally from Olympia, Washington. She moved to Bozeman after graduating from Pacific Luther University where she earned her BSN, RN and played collegiate volleyball. She was raised in a family of artists. The…

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What's Your Beef? I Get by With a Little Help From my Neighbors

The growing housing market in Bozeman creates tension, and we need one another to make it through the changes.

Emily Lewis  |   Thursday Jul. 1

Some of us have memories of nights spent walking around Bozeman near the old Hardees and Blockbuster, with close comforts like curly fries, friends, and hot asphalt. We look at spots around town and feel the energy of old spaces. In our nostalgia…

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Editor's Note: Summer is Here

Angie Ripple  |   Thursday Jul. 1

It really doesn’t get much better than summer in Montana, and the secret must be out because the number of out-of-state license plates on local roads continues to increase each year. Whether it’s your 50th summer in Bozeman or your 1st…

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Tinworks Art Galleries

Kevin Brustuen  |   Thursday Jul. 1

At a time when the Bozeman community is filled with one new development after another, leaving the citizens breathless at the pace of new buildings, roads, subdivisions, offices, condos and townhouses, one organization is actively seeking old unused…

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Bozeman’s Iconic Western Cafe

Elsa Russell  |   Thursday Jul. 1

Nestled in one of the oldest buildings in Bozeman, Western Cafe has truly stood the test of time. This iconic cafe is a tribute to the past; a homey oasis amid the everchanging outside world. Owner and operator Sue Sebena walked me through the…

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