Red Tractor Pizza

Elsa Russell  |   Thursday Apr. 1

Red Tractor Pizza is a community-oriented pizzeria that has been serving up delicious and creative pies, live music, and great beer since 2014. Locally sourced and thoughtfully chosen ingredients guarantee a quality meal, and gluten- and dairy-free…

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Sustainable Ranching in 2021

Kevin Brustuen  |   Thursday Apr. 1

photo: Chris Boyer, Kestrel AerialOne year ago, the Covid pandemic shocked most of us when we suddenly were confronted with shortages in grocery stores, restaurants were shut down, and food became a source of concern. Faced with this sudden and…

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Virtual Spring at Verge Theatre

Thursday Apr. 1

Remember feeling joy? Excitement? The rush of learning? You can have it again! We have so very many amazing opportunities to GET YOUR THEATER ON this spring! Think of it as cross-training for your humanity as we prepare to exit the Covid cocoon.Are…

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500 Miles Higher

A monumental loss. My singular interaction with Armando Chick Corea stands as one of the most profound experiences of my musical career.

Michael Jochum  |   Thursday Apr. 1

The year 1984 was a time of incredible, creative music flow. My career as a “drummer of note” was catapulting me into some of the most envied musical situations in Los Angeles. Approaching my 25th year, I had a four-year-old daughter to…

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Montgomery, Mendelssohn and Bach

Abby Bradford  |   Thursday Apr. 1

The Bozeman Symphony returns to the Willson Auditorium for its final free livestream concert of the season, Montgomery, Mendelssohn and Bach, featuring its very own principal flute Sue Makeever and the string section of the orchestra. To close a…

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‘Historic Moment’ Senate Confirms First Indigenous Cabinet Secretary

Sen. Steve Daines voted NO on the nomination of Rep. Deb Haaland to lead the Department of the Interior

Thursday Apr. 1

photo: Department of the Interior Tami Heilemann In what many observers are calling a landmark moment, the U.S. Senate confirmed the first Indigenous person to lead the federal agency responsible for managing much of the country’s federal…

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Earth Day at Your House

Tim Ford  |   Thursday Apr. 1

Since April is the month of Earth Day, it’s also a great time of year to start planning some home improvement projects for the spring and summer. What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by trying to make your home more energy efficient? Not…

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Montana’s New War On Wildlife and Sensibility

Thursday Apr. 1

This past January, Montana swore in our new Governor, a Republican known for body-slamming a reporter during his run for Congress several years ago. Greg Gianforte swept to the Governor’s seat this past November due in large part to the Trump…

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Top 10 Regional Natural Hot Springs

Pat Hill  |   Thursday Apr. 1

Natural hot springs abound in the southwest corner of the Treasure State due to the geology of that mountainous region. Whether developed enterprises or still in a natural environment, Montana’s hot springs offer a unique and relaxing way to…

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March Cover Artist: Robert Rohyl

Monday Mar. 1

Robert Royhl is a painter who has been living and working in Bozeman, Montana, for the past thirty-four years. Born in NYC in 1949, he grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and has lived and traveled all over the West. Currently, he is working on a series of…

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Polaroid Stories

Kevin Brustuen  |   Monday Mar. 1

In January of 2020, Bozeman Actors Theatre (BAT) began rehearsing a production of Naomi Iizuka’s Polaroid Stories, intending to stage nine performances in April of 2020. Rehearsals were well underway when Covid-19 reached Gallatin County, and…

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A Virtually Impossible Task

Michael Jochum  |   Monday Mar. 1

Playing drums is like making love. You never look down to see how the flow is going.The phrase “a virtually impossible task” resonated in my mind as I hung up the phone (of course, I didn’t really hang up the phone. I just pushed…

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Catching Up With Steve Drizos

Brian Ripple  |   Monday Mar. 1

Brian Ripple: Let’s start back at the beginning. Where did you go to high school? Then you can take it from there. Steve Drizos: Well, I grew up in Upstate New York, right outside of Albany, in a town called Scotia. So I went to Scotia High…

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