How Accurate is the Zillow Zestimate?

Tim Ford  |   Tuesday Jun. 1

For the past few years, I’ve been analyzing the accuracy of the Zillow Zestimate in the Bozeman market. If you haven’t heard of Zillow, it’s one of the many websites that utilizes an MLS feed with homes for sale. It also offers a…

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Bozeman Art Museum (BAM)

Sarah May  |   Tuesday Jun. 1

Just west of 19th and Main, tucked in the corner of a small brick shopping strip hides a world of discovery and inspiration. At only 1,795 square feet, the Bozeman Art Museum (BAM) provides a passageway to a world of rich art history and community…

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Summer Ice 2021

Tuesday Jun. 1

Summer Ice is a fundraising campaign offered by the Gallatin Ice Foundation (GIF) and the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association (BAHA). The goal is to raise $300,000 in additional funding by July 1st, 2021 and finish construction of a year-round ice…

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May Cover Artist: Diane Fenlason

Saturday May. 1

Diane Fenlason was born and raised in Pennsylvania and moved to Bozeman in 2008 when she married her best friend, Brian, a Montana native. Together, they have four children. She loves spending time with her family, meeting friends for coffee at one…

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Editor's Note: Signs of Spring

Angie Ripple  |   Saturday May. 1

Spring flowers have pushed their cheerful heads through the earth and up through the dry leaves to peek at the sunshine and bring smiles to the humans that tend them. Spring in Bozeman is part sunny day sprinkled with snow flurries, and then again…

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Los Jarochos

Elsa Russell  |   Saturday May. 1

There are about 2,000 miles between Bozeman and Veracruz, Mexico. Luckily, you don’t have to travel that far to get a taste of this coastal city’s delicious cuisine. Los Jarochos restaurant brings a slice of Veracruz right to downtown…

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Top 10 Bozeman Food Trucks

Saturday May. 1

Bozeman’s Food Truck scene is solid, with a lot of unique options to choose from. It wasn’t easy to whittle the list to ten, but here are our favorite recommendations. El RodeoAuthentic Mexican fare made with love, from delicious tender…

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Dirty Girl

Saturday May. 1

Hey honey, come over here. My friend will buy you a drink, but you’ve got to sit on his lap.” Some drunk guy at a bar said this to me when I was 16 and there singing with a band. I dealt, and still do deal with stuff like that a lot, and…

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The Montana Book Award

Kevin Brustuen  |   Saturday May. 1

Gretchen Minton, professor of English at Montana State University, won the 2020 Montana Book of the Year Award, for her book “Shakespeare in Montana: Big Sky Country’s Love Affair with the World’s Most Famous Writer.” Honor…

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Bozeman Condo & Townhouse Sales

Tim Ford  |   Saturday May. 1

It’s spring in Bozeman, that time of year where the weather changes every 5 minutes. The heat is usually on in the truck on the way to work and the air conditioning is often on for the drive home. The real estate market is also continuing to…

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Boat Patrol on Yellowstone Lake

Rick Gale  |   Saturday May. 1

I spent 22 summers in Yellowstone from 1978-1999 as a Seasonal Ranger, including serving as a campground ranger, road patrol ranger, boat patrol ranger, field training ranger, night shift supervisor, and crisis negotiator. Two of my 22 summers in…

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Editors Note: Love For Events

Angie Ripple  |   Thursday Apr. 1

Welcome to the April 2010 issue of Bozeman Magazine. Last April was the first and so far, the only time we did not print an issue since beginning in June 2007. The April 2020 issue appeared digitally on our website and and we began working…

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April 2021 Cover Artist: Kurt Palmquist

Thursday Apr. 1

Kurt Palmquist’s narrative is one of an emerging artist. A few years ago, after a career of corporate graphic design, Kurt dusted off his sketch book and began what has become a winding road that has led to some fantastic discoveries beginning…

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