Old Saloon Summer Music Series

by Eric Kofer  |  Monday Jun. 3

Whiskey MyersIt would be an understatement to say that a lot has happened since Whiskey Myers was last in the recording studio. Over two whirlwind years, the gritty Texas band hit #1 on the iTunes Country Chart with their breakout third album…

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Bozeman's Squire House

by Angie Ripple  |  Monday Jun. 3

"Bozeman has changed, but it’s still a great part of the world,” says Michael McGough, propieter at the Squire House in downtown Bozeman, who has been in Bozeman for quite a while, over twenty years. His strong family connections…

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My Beefs

Monday Jun. 3

The world is supposedly becoming more helpful. When I needed to know how to balance my ceiling fan, I went to YouTube.When I had a question about medication side effects, I turned to the Mayo Clinic web site.Power steering on my van gives me…

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Tales of a Traveling Librarian Angler

by James Thull  |  Monday Jun. 3

It was a warm sunny day, humid for Montana, but mild for Uganda; I was standing on the bank of the White Nile River fishing for Nile Perch (and anything else that was interested in buying what I was selling), and I was about to be lunch for a…

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June Cover Artist: Franklin Hessler

Monday Jun. 3

Franklin Hessler is originally from Minnesota and ended up in Montana via Yellowstone National Park like many other savages (as concessionaire employees are referred to in the park). Just out of college he got a job working in the park and…

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Bozeman Real Estate Report: May

by Tim Ford  |  Wednesday May. 1

As the spring thaw slowly takes place, bears are coming out of hibernation and so are many buyers and sellers of real estate. Buyers have actually been out and about all winter, but inventory levels have been low, so there hasn’t been…

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Top 10 Bozeman Happy Hour Spots

Kate Springer  |  Wednesday May. 1

The days are getting longer meaning rather than heading home at the end of the workday to hunker down from the cold, everyone is more likely to participate in happy hour! Luckily in Bozeman, there are many great places to choose from and…

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Featured Bozemanite: Dr. Deborah McCauley

Global Wildlife Veterinarian & Bozeman Social Entrepreneur

Vandana Sood-Giddings  |  Wednesday May. 1

VIEW (Veterinary Initiative for Endangered Wildlife) is the ONLY wildlife conservation organization focused solely on addressing the health threats of endangered wildlife as part of a comprehensive strategy, and it is participating in Give…

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A Streetcar Named Desire

Kevin Brustuen  |  Wednesday May. 1

Big Sky Community Theater is offering a production of Tennessee Williams’s A Streetcar Named Desire. Streetcar will be performed for one day only, May 16, at the Warren Miller Center for the Performing Arts in Big Sky.  Directed by…

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Symphony at the Shane

Wednesday May. 1

Bozeman Symphony musicians will be featured as part of the concert series, Symphony at the Shane, presented by the Bozeman Symphony, at the Shane Lalani Center for the Arts – 415 East Lewis Street, Livingston, MT – on Thursday,…

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