December Cover Artist: Charles Lewis

Friday Dec. 1

In an art scene dominated by regional western art, Bozeman painter Charles Lewis takes a different direction. “I don’t have a painting theme,” he says. “I paint antique toys, electric guitars, imaginary shamans, and just about…

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2023 That’s A Wrap

Angie Ripple  |   Friday Dec. 1

It’s hard to believe that, with this final issue of 2023, we’ve wrapped up our 198th issue. It has taken over 16 years to finally get comfortable with an endeavor that benefits our community, to see the fruits of our labor paying off, and…

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The Luxury Home Market

Tim Ford  |   Friday Dec. 1

As we move towards the holidays, I’ve often run the numbers on the higher-end market. The million-dollar mark was once rarely crossed. However, with the median home price hovering near $800K for homes inside city limits and north of $900K when…

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Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub

Taylor Owens  |   Friday Dec. 1

Nestled in the up-and- coming Northside neighborhood of Bozeman, Mountains Walking Brewery stands as a testament to the vibrant craft beer culture flourishing in the area. Owned and curated by Gustav Dose and his partner Sarah MacDonald, this brewery…

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Lost Canyons

Brian Ripple  |   Friday Dec. 1

Lost Canyons is a Bozeman based band that started in 2016. Their current lineup is: Kennan Krause - Vocals & Guitar; Mitch Lauenstein - Guitar, Banjo, Keys, Vocals; Paul Elias - Electric Guitar, Drums, Keys; Jaden Attard - Bass; Lucas Swets -…

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Fond Memories of a Norwegian Wool Hat

Ken Walcheck  |   Friday Dec. 1

Christmas morning, 1947. Something about the shape of that package under the Yule tree caught my eye. Call it intuition if you wish, but I had a feeling this gift was going to be a little bit special. Even though I was nearly sixteen, I unwrapped it…

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The Love of a Rancher

Liz Bischoff  |   Friday Dec. 1

The heartbeat of a Montana rancher can be heard when the whistling winds that chap uncovered skin finally die down, when the hail that dents rooftops and cracks glass finally settles, when the lambing ewes stop braying and bleating and start licking…

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Montana Holidays Outdoors

Steve McGann  |   Friday Dec. 1

My favorite Christmas ornament is a pine cone. It is fitted with a little eye screw and strung on a faded old ribbon. My Mother sent it to me as the wrapping for a present years ago. She included a description typed on her old Underwood, taped to the…

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The ICE is Calling

Phil Knight  |   Friday Dec. 1

As the sun slips lower with each passing day, we Montanans enter the Season of Ice. It starts as a thin skin on puddles and frost on the roof. You have to start scraping your windshield every morning.  Before long, the dropping temperature…

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November Cover Artist: Chris D'Ardenne

Wednesday Nov. 1

As a physician and photographer, art and science have long been intertwined in Chris D’Ardenne’s life. This unique combination of careers is synergistic, and makes him both a better doctor and a better artist. Ever since being handed his…

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I Say No To A Montana Rat Race

Angie Ripple  |   Wednesday Nov. 1

Like the rest of the world, Montana is going through massive changes that will likely have decades of impact. I’d like to see more Montanans standing up for the way of life they have worked hard to ensure for their children—not the rat…

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Gallatin River Lodge

Taylor Owens  |   Wednesday Nov. 1

For over twenty years, the Gallatin River Lodge has nestled on the Gallatin River, in the forested area accessed via Thorpe Road, west of Bozeman. Originally a popular spot for those on a fly-fishing trip, it is now open to locals and travelers alike…

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