Bozeman Cross-Country Ski Trail Guide

Luke Brown  |  Tuesday Dec. 31

Whether you’re a professor going for a walk on skis, a professional skier outfitted in lycra, or simply a Bozemanite wanting to experience the quiet in the deep winter woods, cross-country skiing is calling you. Our town has a rich…

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Top 10 Bozeman Winter Hikes

Kate Springer  |  Tuesday Dec. 31

Don’t let a little snow and cold weather stop you from getting out to the mountains this winter! Winter in Bozeman offers some of the greatest hiking of the year. The trails aren’t nearly as crowded and the landscapes look…

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Verge Theatre: 25 Years In Bozeman

Kevin Brustuen  |  Tuesday Dec. 31

Bozeman was a quiet sleepy little mountain town of about 23,000 people in 1990. Bozemanites would hike empty trails, go out to eat at Black Angus, have a couple drinks and maybe dance at the Cat’s Paw, and sometimes go see a play at the…

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Backcountry Burger Bar

by Angie Ripple  |  Tuesday Dec. 31

On a chilly afternoon, I was greeted by a warm smile and seated at a cozy booth as I waited to speak to Backcountry Burger Bar’s proprietor Albert McDonald. Not long before, I had been in for dinner with my kids and a couple friends to…

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What's Your Beef? Are You Stuck Up?

Montana Grant  |  Tuesday Dec. 31

Few trucks or cars are without a bumper sticker. Some rides are completely covered. Some rigs sport only a couple. Too many bumper stickers are tacky. Bumper stickers display our right and freedom of expression. Finding a sweet spot that is…

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2020 - We Made It

by Angie Ripple  |  Tuesday Dec. 31

Do you remember December 31, 1999? The news was a buzz ahead of NYE about prepping for the end of the world, being sure your survival kit was ready, watching to see if your computer would reboot on Jan 1, and hey, in the blink of an eye here…

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December Cover Artist: Cristina Marian

Sunday Dec. 1

Originally from Romania, Cristina Marian moved to the United States in 2013 and feels like Bozeman is her home now. She divides her time between working in the studio, exhibiting her artwork and pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree at…

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Cash on Cash Versus Cap Rate

by Tim Ford  |  Sunday Dec. 1

For those who invest in real estate or are looking to invest in real estate, there are certain key numbers that are useful to examine a potential investment’s return. Two of the most commonly used numbers to calculate rates of return…

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Blueprint in Bozeman

Andrew Jefferis  |  Sunday Dec. 1

As far as my understanding on homelessness went, my knowledge on the issue wasn’t as full as it is now. I grew up in Connecticut, which has the greatest “achievement gap” in the country. To be frank, Connecticut’s…

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Stewards of our Spaces

Montana Grant  |  Sunday Dec. 1

Earth is becoming a more crowded place. Our personal spaces are gradually getting smaller. Urban folks have way less space than us Montanans. No matter how much space you have, we all have something in common. No one wants to have spaces that…

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