June 2021

Bozeman Art Museum (BAM)

Sarah May

Just west of 19th and Main, tucked in the corner of a small brick shopping strip hides a world of discovery and inspiration. At only 1,795 square feet, the Bozeman Art Museum (BAM) provides a passageway to a world of rich art history and community…

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March 2021

March Cover Artist: Robert Rohyl

Robert Royhl is a painter who has been living and working in Bozeman, Montana, for the past thirty-four years. Born in NYC in 1949, he grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and has lived and traveled all over the West. Currently, he is working on a series of…

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February 2021

Born In Bozeman: Social Distance Powwow

Angie Ripple

“Good drums get the dancers out there, good songs get them to dance well. Without drum groups there is no music. No music, no dance, no powwow.” - Roberts, Chris (1992) Powwow Country It wasn’t the lack of good drums that made for…

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February 2021

Sonnets in the Snow

Kevin Brustuen

The desire to create is something important to humanity—a fundamental part of our very existence. The Covid19 pandemic has limited the outlets for this creative urge in everyone around the world, leaving not only frustrated audiences, but even…

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December 2020

Stepping Into The Unknown

Clowning Around with 406Cirque

Ruby Zitzer

Many of us have a narrow vision of what it means to be a clown, usually built off images of clowns in scary films. Due to these horrifying associations, we are often far from feeling comforted or open to the idea of being around clowns. I would argue…

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December 2020

Winter Weavings

Kelly Hartman

Winters are long in Montana, especially when you grow up in the mountains at Silver Gate, Montana, like I did. For those with an artistic bent (I went to college for art), a long winter can be a joyous time for cozying up with your favorite crafts…

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