March 2023

Spring Break 2023 Staycation Ideas

Angie Ripple

March is not only the month of my birth, but Montana’s allotted month for spring break. With a full week off for local students, families are challenged with how to fill the time. If you’re staycationing, you’re probably looking for…

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February 2022

Top 10 Date Spots in Bozeman

Christopher Dyrland-Marquis

While February can tend to resemble the interior of a neglected freezer, it doesn’t mean that bleeding hearts can’t search for love in the frosty air. Bozeman boasts an immense selection of fun, winter wonderland activities to choose…

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August 2020

Top 10 Classic Bozeman Businesses

Angie Jamison

Western CafeThis one is getting a fresh burst of popularity thanks to the younger generations having found out about it.  It’s also where everyone wants to bring visitors to give them the “Montana” experience.  What we…

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June 2015

The Evolution of Craft Brewing in Montana

4 Favorite Montana Beers

Ramona Mead

The third annual Montana Brewers Association Spring Festival took place in Bozeman at the Haynes Pavilion on May 7. Representatives from 25 Montana breweries were on hand pouring 86 different Montana made beers, read on to learn about four of my…

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March 2015

Sheriff Henry Plummer’s Outlaw Brewing

Regena Ozeryansky, photos by Jenny Barth

It is our intention to deliver a unique spin on traditional dining reviews, we feel every reader should have the opportunity to form their own opinion, and by bringing the owners to you, we can create added synergy in an already awesome town.An…

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The Bridger Ridge Run: A Race in Three Beers

Recently I ran my first Bridger Ridge Run. I’m not entirely sure of what possessed me to do this race. While I was on a cross country team once upon a time, saying that I am a cross country runner would be akin to saying that I am a stock car…

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Beer Style Profile: IPAs or india pale ales

On a backpacking trip in the Alps last summer I, by chance, ended up alongside Jacob, a hiker from the Netherlands. As we talked, I discovered that he was a fellow homebrewer and immediately steered the conversation to beer. While I was familiar with…

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