February 2021

One Book One Bozeman Title Announced

Encouraging Participation In Community Read Program

Bozeman Public Library is excited to announce 2021’s selected title for its annual One Book One Bozeman program. The Night Watchman, by award winning author Louise Erdrich is this year’s choice. This annual event promotes literacy…

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June 2020

Murder Along the Yellowstone Trail

The Execution of Seth Danner

Kelly Hartman

Q.  Now, if you will, continue and tell us in your own way, Mr. Smith, what events followed. A.  Well, then, the next morning we were supposed to meet there at 11 o’clock in the forenoon, but we were busy, and we met down there…

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May 2020

Author’s Journey Through His Writing

Jamie Calloway

One of the rarest things in life is finding inspiration. Despite this, Bozeman author Douglas Solvie happened to stumble across the inspiration for his new book My Irish Dog during one of his vacations.Some of the greatest relationships that people…

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March 2020

March Into Reading with Dave Wooten

Shawn Vicklund

Reading breeds thinking. There’s no substitute for good, old fashioned reading. Reading can establish thought patterns, logic, a sense of complexity, an ability to spot contradictions and even falsity. Books have a way of transporting you…

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November 2019

Building Towers by Rolling Dice

Exploring and Understanding Mental Health with Logan Rosenstein

Christie Selensky

Building Towers by Rolling Dice tells the story of Tyler, a young man navigating the trials and tribulations of high school and early adulthood while struggling with depression and anxiety. Initially intended as a private gift for a loved one…

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July 2019

Trail Mix: Wit & Wisdom from the Outdoors

Angie Ripple

Trail Mix: Wit & Wisdom from the Outdoors is a collection of quotes, prose and short essays designed to provide inspiration to those who are passionate about adventuring in the great outdoors — in the woods, the mountains, and on the water;…

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March 2019

March Cover Artist: June Billings Safford

June Billings Safford, editor of Bozeman From The Heart, appears mostly as a painter, but June is a published poet and spent 27 years as a writing teacher at Bozeman High School. Her art work has been displayed in at least  25 venues and her…

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