July 2023

Send Ranger Tom Habecker

Having even a wisp of an idea about what you want to do when you ‘grow up’ is often a difficult concept to grasp. Tom Habecker knew for certain he did not want to be stuck at an indoor job. Fortunately, he found his calling when he was…

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May 2021

The Montana Book Award

Kevin Brustuen

Gretchen Minton, professor of English at Montana State University, won the 2020 Montana Book of the Year Award, for her book “Shakespeare in Montana: Big Sky Country’s Love Affair with the World’s Most Famous Writer.” Honor…

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February 2021

One Book One Bozeman Title Announced

Encouraging Participation In Community Read Program

Bozeman Public Library is excited to announce 2021’s selected title for its annual One Book One Bozeman program. The Night Watchman, by award winning author Louise Erdrich is this year’s choice. This annual event promotes literacy…

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June 2020

Murder Along the Yellowstone Trail

The Execution of Seth Danner

Kelly Hartman

Q.  Now, if you will, continue and tell us in your own way, Mr. Smith, what events followed. A.  Well, then, the next morning we were supposed to meet there at 11 o’clock in the forenoon, but we were busy, and we met down there…

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