November 2019

Building Towers by Rolling Dice

Exploring and Understanding Mental Health with Logan Rosenstein

Christie Selensky

Building Towers by Rolling Dice tells the story of Tyler, a young man navigating the trials and tribulations of high school and early adulthood while struggling with depression and anxiety. Initially intended as a private gift for a loved one…

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July 2019

Trail Mix: Wit & Wisdom from the Outdoors

Angie Ripple

Trail Mix: Wit & Wisdom from the Outdoors is a collection of quotes, prose and short essays designed to provide inspiration to those who are passionate about adventuring in the great outdoors — in the woods, the mountains, and on the water;…

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March 2019

March Cover Artist: June Billings Safford

June Billings Safford, editor of Bozeman From The Heart, appears mostly as a painter, but June is a published poet and spent 27 years as a writing teacher at Bozeman High School. Her art work has been displayed in at least  25 venues and her…

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March 2019

Bozeman from the Heart

To open a book is to enter a conversation. If it’s fiction, the reader becomes a character, reacting to the behaviors and thoughts of those whose world she has been introduced to. If it’s nonfiction, she enters a dialogue with the writer…

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February 2019

After the Apocalypse

Earth, Imagination & Rebirth in Bozeman

Kris Drummond

“The apocalypse that kills the soul of the world is not at the end of time, not coming, but apocalypse now; and Newton and Locke, Descartes and Kant are its Horsemen. The fantasies of the literal end of the world announce, however, the end of…

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February 2019

Not Just Another Story of Melting Ice

University of Montana’s Writer in Residence Complicates Narratives of Climate Change in New Book

As glaciers inhale and exhale, their breath combining in the frigid Icelandic air with the people who live alongside them, Dr. M. Jackson listens. She listens to this steady breathing, their deep voices, and the stories they tell her in their native…

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April 2017

The Writer’s Town

Jerry Schuster

Let’s start with a simple premise; just about everyone in Bozeman writes articles or books. This account is limited to just book writers. Because, it is a lot easier to poke fun at others when I am not included in the group.The question asked…

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