Trail Mix: Wit & Wisdom from the Outdoors

Angie Ripple  |   Monday Jul. 1st, 2019

Trail Mix: Wit & Wisdom from the Outdoors is a collection of quotes, prose and short essays designed to provide inspiration to those who are passionate about adventuring in the great outdoors — in the woods, the mountains, and on the water; it is edited by Bozemanite Corinne Gaffner Garcia. 

Featured throughout the book is a selection of quotes from a pantheon of outdoor lovers, nature writers, and environmental conservationists, including John Muir, Henry David Thoreau, Terry Tempest Williams, Edward Abbey, Jon Krakauer and many more whose love and respect for the outdoors remains a model for today.

When Falcon Guides contacted Corinne about editing the book, she immediately thought it was a perfect fit and a great opportunity to work with a publishing company that she had always admired.

Why was it a good fit?
“I love the outdoors. It’s what brought me to Montana. I grew up in New York City and never felt like I really fit in there. I made my way out west for college and never looked back. Nature is what inspires me and drives me. It’s where I have had some of the most fun with friends and family, and where I go to lift my spirits. 

Also, I note this in the introduction, but I now have young kids who are as drawn to screens as most seem to be in this day and age. If I can, in any way, inspire people to spend more time outside, whether it’s climbing a peak or just strolling by a river, I feel good about that. And this collection of writers put nature, and the feeling derived from nature, so eloquently.”

What will Bozemanites enjoy most about reading the book?
“Bozeman is undeniably outdoorsy. I think this is the perfect book to have by your bedside, or toilet (lol), to read in small doses. To appreciate the way different writers express their love for adventure, conservation, healing, and all the other qualities they find in nature. It’s broken up into sections, and depending on how you’re feeling that day, you can open to that one and read a few inspiring quotes from some of the best.”    

Trail Mix is available locally at Country Bookshelf, and online at

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