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Since 2007 we’ve been helping local folks grow their business through the power of print and online media.

Print Advertising
  • 12 Issues per Year
  • 7,500-9,500 Copies per Month
  • 200 Locations
  • 25,500 Readers per Issue
  • 10% Recycle Rate

The advertising deadline is the 20th of the month for glossy or full color newsprint ad insertion. Finished, print-ready ad files must be received by the 20th to ensure placement. If you have a finished ad after the 20th, we might still be able to fit it in (contact us).

Advertising requests received before the 20th of the month will be met by the Bozeman Magazine creative team. Contact us for placement availability and personalized ad packages.

Online Advertising
  • 26,000+ Pageviews per Month
  • 8,600+ Active Users
  • 7,600+ Social Media Followers

Annual Publications

Contact Us (at) bozemanmagazine [d0t] com,)
Office: 406-219-3455
Cell: 406-579-5657