Friday, Apr. 9th, 2021

Downtown Bozeman Association Presents – Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week 2021

The Downtown Bozeman Association and over 25 participating downtown restaurants, pubs and cafes are excited to bring you Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week April 19-25. This 7-day event will be filled with good eats and drinks, off-menu specials, exclusive dining experiences and chances to win some amazing prizes from our sponsors.

Start planning your date night, birthday dinner, employee appreciation brunch, or whatever excuse you need to dine in Downtown Bozeman because our amazing businesses are ready to serve you.

A list of participating establishments for the 2021 Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week can be found below. You can find this list, as well as all the specials and fun to be found, will ALL be available online at and by using the Restaurant Week QR code soon to be sprinkled around downtown. This will help you plan your attack for the week! Please note, event hours and specials will vary depending on the business.

Snag a Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week Punch Card from any participating business. Fill out your contact information and take this card with you to FIVE different participating restaurants, order from their special Restaurant Week Menu and ask your server to PUNCH your card. Once you've collected five different punches, leave it at the location of your last punch or drop it in the drop box at 222 E Main, Suite 302! These will be collected the week after Restaurant Week and put into a drawing for some amazing prizes from our sponsors.

Whether you're a breakfast fanatic or someone who never skips dessert, we're sure you'll find something to tickle your taste buds at Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week.

Participating Restaurants: 
Bacchus Pub
Backcountry Burger Bar
Bozeman Spirits Distillery
Copper Whiskey Bar
El Camino Bar
Fabers Bakery and Deli
Fresco Cafe, Inc.
Genuine Ice Cream
little star diner
Lockhorn Cider House
Mackenzie River Pizza
Montana Ale Works
Nina's Tacos & Tequila
Open Range Restaurant
Sidewall Pizza Company
Smoke, Fire and Coal
Squire House
Steep Mountain Tea House
Sweet Chili Asian Bistro
Ted's MT Grill
The Nova Cafe
Tune Up
Urban Kitchen
Wildrye Distilling

ATTENTION Bozeman and Beyond: PLEASE plan to enjoy Downtown Bozeman Restaurant throughout the week and NOT just one night! If you intend to enjoy Restaurant Week in-person by dining in anytime between April 19-25, remember to follow all safety guidelines in place by the Health Department and each individual business.

Downtown Bozeman Restaurant Week will go on rain or shine and is FREE to the public! Visit or call 406-586-4008 for more information! Life is Downtown…

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Spring Turkey Hunting Season Opens April 10

Montana’s spring male turkey season opens April 10. Turkey hunters can purchase a turkey license for a general area at FWP offices, license providers or online. The application deadline for western Montana’s spring gobbler season permits has passed.

The 2021 spring turkey season regulations, with details on turkey hunting in the general area, are available at FWP offices, license providers and online at

Hunters should remember that when transporting a spring turkey in the state on Montana, one leg and foot must be naturally attached for evidence of sex. Montana law requires landowner permission for hunting on all private land. 

FWP also reminds spring turkey hunters that all Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program enrollments are currently closed and only open during the fall hunting season. Similarly, most Block Management Areas are also closed, but some remain open for spring turkey and spring bear opportunities. No shed hunting, hiking or other recreations are allowed on these properties without landowner permission. Be sure to check the FWP website for dates and locations these properties open.

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Spring Black Bear Hunting Season Opens April 15

The spring black bear hunting season starts April 15.

Hunters need to be aware that black bears must be presented for in-person inspection and tagging within 10 days of harvest. The hide and skull must be presented in a condition that allows full inspection and tooth collection (i.e. unfrozen). For local tagging information, contact the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks office nearest to you.

Three Black Bear Management Units have quotas and mandatory 48-hour reporting: Units 510, 520, and 700. When the quota is reached or approached in each of these districts, the black bear season in that district will close.

It's important to know the difference between grizzly bears and black bears. Black bear hunters in Montana are required to pass the Bear Identification test to obtain a black bear license. Montana's Bear Identification Program is intended to prevent the killing of grizzly bears as a result of mistaken identity by hunters.

For more information on black bear hunting, visit

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Sweet Pea Festival Art Show Deadline

Sweet Pea Festival is celebrating its 44th Festival! The past 44 years have brought about many great changes to our organization and its annual events. Growing from the initial idea in 1977 of a community's desire to celebrate the arts, Sweet Pea has taken great strides to bring a unique arts festival to the Bozeman community. This year, our juried art show will once again be hosted by our longtime sponsor ERA Landmark, at their Main Street Location. This exhibit will highlight great artists from our state. There will be cash awards to First ($500), Second ($250), and Third ($125) place winners. Click  to apply.

Show Dates: July 9 - August 8
ERA Landmark
9 E. Main St.
Opening Reception July 9 ArtWalk

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Top Tips for Late Night Driving

image from pexels

There are always risks when you take to the roads, and with six million auto accidents occurring in the US every single year, it's clear to see that those risks are very real. They can become even worse after dark, as the odds of encountering a reckless or under-the-influence driver are even higher, and visibility can be more difficult too.

Still, a lot of people find themselves driving after dark. Many people like to go out in the evenings to clubs and bars, for example, while others work late shifts and need to get to and from their jobs in nighttime conditions, and there are many other situations where you might find yourself driving at night as well. This guide will cover some top tips to help you stay safe.

Be Extra Vigilant
Vigilance is one of the most important skills for any driver to master. You have to be alert, attentive and focused on your surroundings as you drive in order to spot possible threats or hazards and then take the appropriate action to avoid them, and this can truly be the “make or break” factor when it comes to staying safe or getting into an accident, especially at night.

You have to be particularly vigilant in the evenings, as the conditions can make accidents much more likely to occur. People tend to be more likely to speed or break the rules after dark, as they may feel that they're less likely to be spotted or caught, and there's also a higher chance of encountering drunk drivers too.

Make Use of Your Lights and Mirrors
Obviously, one of the big problems with driving after dark is the fact that visibility levels can be reduced. Many places have streetlights and other sources of light to illuminate the roads, but it can still be much harder to see the road ahead of you and the area around you, which means that hazards and dangers can simply spring out of nowhere, totally unexpected and raising the risk of terrible auto accidents occurring.

Use your car's own headlights to lighten up the path ahead of you, watching closely for road signs, hazards, and, if you're in the city, looking over to the sidewalks too to check for any pedestrians who might be about to step out into the road. It's also recommended to make consistent use of your mirrors to watch the sides and rear of your vehicle for any other cars nearby.

Watch Out for Drunk Drivers
As stated earlier, the odds of encountering drunk drivers after dark is higher than in the daytime. This is logical, as many people tend to drink in the evenings, after work, and this is when bars start to open up and fill up with people. Even though we're all aware of the risks of drunk driving, countless Americans admit to getting behind the wheel after a drink or several.

If you cross these drivers on the road, their slow reaction and poor decision-making could put you in danger, so try to watch out for them. There are many red flags and warning signs you can rely on to alert you to a drunk driver. These drivers will often swerve left and right, change speed randomly, react slowly to traffic light changes, and fail to use mirrors and signals too.

Never Drive Under the Influence
We've just spoken about the dangers of drunk driving, and it's important to always remember the risks you can face if you choose to get behind the wheel after drinking. Alcohol impairs so many of the key skills you need to drive safely, from your ability to spot and recognize hazards to your hand-eye coordination, which is necessary for controlling the steering wheel and keeping yourself safe.

It's simply not worth the risk to drink and drive, and the statistics prove this point, showing that thousands of people die every single year in drunk driving-related accidents. So don't let yourself make that same mistake. If you're planning to go to the bar with friends or family, have a designated driver or make use of other transportation options like taxis and rideshare services to help you get home safely when the night is over.

Final Word
Driving after dark can feel quite daunting, especially in big city environments where drunk drivers and reckless drivers are common. Keep these tips in mind the next time you're navigating the roads at night time in order to keep yourself, and those around you safe.

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Thursday, Apr. 8th, 2021

Is It Ethical to Buy Essays Online?

Talk to a college student long enough and eventually, you’ll hear the same complaints: College courses require too many essays. Essays are too hard. Essays take too long. Essays are boring. Nevertheless, essays are an inescapable facet of academic life, and students develop increasingly creative ways to try to get out of writing them. Consider just some of the ways students try to avoid writing a full essay:
        • They will use deceptive fonts or increase the spaces between letters or around the margins to make a paper look longer.
        • They will submit intentionally corrupt files or files in an unreadable format to try to gain extra time to work on a paper.
        • They will fake illness or the death of a family member to extend the deadline, something instructors jokingly refer to as “dead grandmother syndrome.” A joke paper published decades ago tongue-in-cheek reported that an essay deadline was the leading cause of mortality for grandparents, sometimes leading a student to lose up to half a dozen grandparents apiece over the course of their college careers.

And, of course, the most popular way students try to avoid essays is by purchasing cheap papers from online essay writing services. This raises an interesting question: Is it ethical to buy an essay online? In this article, we’ll look into what happens when you buy essays online and whether it’s ethical to do so.

Why Students Buy Essays from Online Services

So why do students buy essays online instead of writing their own? There are many reasons, but three of the most common are:
• a lack of confidence in their own writing skills;
• a lack of time to complete the work;
• personal obligations, challenges, and crises that prevent them from engaging in  
   learning activities.

More often than not, students are buying essays as a way to compensate for problems and challenges in their own life, not because they are lazy. This problem, however, has been exacerbated by changes in how colleges assign work.

Colleges and universities have made two changes in recent decades that have increased the number of essays students are writing. The first involves disability accommodations. Because assignments must now be inclusive for all students, college essays have become the default assignment type so instructors can avoid the extra work of creating alternative assignments for students who are unable to participate in more creative projects. Essays are generally recognized as accessible and do not require alternatives in most cases. The second change is the rise of rubric grading. To prevent grade disputes from escalating, assignments are now graded on strict criteria, and once again, essays became the default assignment because they require minimal additional work to create new grading rubrics and their rubrics can be standardized across a college to ensure fairness—and minimal disputes.

The Legality Question

Before we can examine the ethics of buying essays online, it’s best to first ask whether it’s legal to do so. Many students are concerned about whether hiring a writer to produce an essay for them is safe and legit. The good news is that it is completely legal to hire someone to write an essay for you. Under the First Amendment, writing a paper falls under free speech and as such is not regulated by the government or subject to legal restrictions. It is completely legal to hire someone to write a paper and for that person to write on any topic, including the assignment you were given in your college course.

This is the legal basis for professional writing services offered by companies like WriteMyPaperHub, from which each and every student can easily and quickly buy essay online written by academic experts in accordance with paper specifications. When you place an order with a company like this, you are exercising your free speech rights, and so are the writers who work with students to develop custom essays that show how a professional would answer your essay question. Actually addressing such academic services is a rather affordable solution available 24/7 online.

The Ethical Issue in Buying Essays

The harder question to answer is whether buying a paper is ethical. If you ask most instructors, the answer will clearly be no. They do not want students buying a paper and turning it in as their own work. That is a clear violation of academic honesty policies. But what about less clear-cut situations, where students use papers as a guide to help them with their work or to aid them in structuring, organizing, and developing their papers, or for finding research. In these cases, it can indeed be ethical to buy a paper, just as it is ethical to seek help from a tutor, writing coach, or T.A to help you understand an assignment and do your best on it.

The key issues revolve around intention, borrowing, and acknowledgment. First: Are you intending to copy or deceive with the paper that you purchased? If yes, you are in ethical hot water. If not, then you are on the path to using a paper appropriately. Second, are you borrowing directly from the paper that you purchased, by copying language, structure, ideas, or information? The less you borrow directly from the paper, the more solid the ethical footing that you are on. Finally, are you acknowledging your source? Most legit essay companies will provide instructions to show you how to document your use of a paper and cite it on your own as you would any other source.

If you follow the rules and use a model paper judiciously as a way to help you develop your own work, then you are more likely to stay on the right side of the ethical line.

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Emergency Rent, Utility Assistance Now Available for Montanans Financially Impacted by COVID-19

Governor Greg Gianforte announced that the Montana Emergency Rental Assistance program is taking applications from Montanans who have lost income and are at risk of housing instability due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The last year has brought real, serious challenges to hardworking Montana families through no fault of their own,” Governor Greg Gianforte said. “Emergency rental assistance will help Montanans, who have struggled financially through this pandemic, get back on their feet and remain secure in their homes.”

Funded through the federal Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 and appropriated by the Montana Legislature, this emergency rental assistance will help an estimated 8,000 Montana renters stay in their homes.

“So many Montanans have been hit hard financially by the economic fallout of the pandemic,” said Montana Department of Commerce Director Scott Osterman. “Now, assistance is here for individuals and families who have lost income because of COVID-19 and are at risk of losing their homes.”

Renters can receive a monthly maximum of $2,200 for past due and future rent payments, up to $300 for past due and future utilities including gas and electric, and $50 per month for internet. Households can access assistance dating back to April 1, 2020.

HRDC is partnering with the state of Montana to help renters and landlords apply for assistance. Community members can contact HRDC’s dedicated Emergency Rental Assistance phone number at 406-585-4894.

Household gross income cannot exceed 80 percent of the Area Median Income. For example, a family of four in Gallatin County, the household income cannot exceed $71,100. For a two- person household in Park County, income cannot exceed $47,800.

Renters will not be required to provide a co-pay, and landlords are able to apply on behalf of their renters. Payments will be made directly to landlords and utility providers.

Montanans can check their eligibility and apply now for Emergency Rental Assistance at HOUSING.MT.GOV.

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How to Open International Business

image from pexels

Doing business is one of many dream jobs a modern person can have. While it requires a lot of effort and dedication, it pays off greatly with income and freedom. Not only you control the amount of money you get from your business activities, but you’re also defining what you do and what will be your next step. There’s almost no wondering as to why doing business becomes more popular among younger generations today. Now, one of the best ways to develop your business is to go global with it because it’s a relatively easy procedure with a tremendous payoff.

Steps Toward the World
Becoming international and doing business in another country has become quite a trend; at least half of the small business entrepreneurs have considered going global. And there are reasons for such high spirits as entering the international market has become much easier and safe enough recently. That’s mainly because of the technological advancements that we managed to push in the past few decades. Computers and the internet provide young entrepreneurs with the most useful and cheap resource, the information.

Learning to do business today has become a matter of a few weeks and sometimes even days or hours. The internet is full of resources providing 10 things to know about expanding marketing influence internationally and much more. At the same time, people also learned how to make enough money to start a business or even start it with minimum financial resources. As for the rest, starting an international business is a matter of only a few rather simple and cost-effective steps.

5 Steps to Open International Business

• Doing the research. As it was mentioned earlier, the key to success in business is knowledge, which is rather accessible today, with nearly anyone having an opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur with international business. As for the actual research you should do to start your business globally. Some of the first things you should study thoroughly before you set off to another country are the market and your business. While the former point is kind of obvious, the latter is often overlooked, so keep it in mind.

• Developing the right resources. Resources are not just all the money you have but also what you have to offer and how you can alter it to satisfy your potential customer. This is where you really should get a team of people that know what they do involve. Your product line should be fitting for the context of your market, your marketing campaign should amaze, and your customer reach strategy should at least look like working.

• Taking care of the formal matter. Of course, if you want to act legally in another country, you should ensure that all the documents needed for that are ready before you go. That requires some research, legal assistance, and a look through TheWordPoint reviews as the documents for business must be translated. While it seems quite like a pain, the documentation is not that hard, but it still has to be approached and handled properly.

• Establishing connections. Making friends with other local businesses is not just good and polite practice, it also gives you lots of benefits. As you just enter a new and relatively unexplored market, some things might not go as planned. That’s where you’ll need a guide to help you out in such situations. It might not be a financial or otherwise practical business help, but it can be a lifesaving piece of advice that will most likely even come for free.

• Executing your marketing strategy. Before you enter a new market, make sure it knows about you at least a little. Marketing your products to your potential customers is not only a great way to tell them something about yourself. It’s also a great way to test your marketing strategy in order to be able to alter it earlier than it might show rather slow results.

Stepping Out

image from pexels

Perhaps, one of the hardest things you can do as you start doing business internationally is taking the first step. And no, it’s not about the first step described above. It’s about starting something new, leaving your comfort zone, and doing something you’ve never done before. But on the other hand, all that effort is totally worth it as the payoff for it is the experience you’re going to carry along throughout your entire life.

Elizabeth Baldridge lives up to her reputation as a bold and sincere author covering a broad variety of topics. From a young age, she was interested in learning and then sharing all that knowledge with those who had hard times understanding. That passion in particular helped Elizabeth to become proficient and very successful in her writing and education careers.

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High water is dangerous: Plan ahead and wear a PFD

When spring is in the air, snowmelt creates high water in our streams and rivers. You might want to get out there in your boat, but high water can be deadly when conditions are too extreme for safe boating.

Although it can be hard to put safety ahead of adventure when you've spent hours planning a boating trip, sometimes the only safe choice is to stay off the water. If you do go, make sure you stay safe by wearing a well-fitted personal flotation device (PFD) or life jacket when on and around the water. Even if you are only near a rapidly flowing river, wear a life jacket; it could save your life. If you fall into cold water without a life jacket on, you could drown in a matter of minutes.

There are other times, especially for less experienced boaters and floaters, when the dangers aren't apparent until they've entered the water.

Here are some tips for navigating the dangers of high water:

  • Don't boat alone.
  • Make sure someone on shore knows where you plan to put in, take out, and when you plan to return.
  • If the water is in a stage you wouldn't choose to swim in, then don't launch your boat.

Boaters should also make a study of high-water hazards and be prepared to cope with dangers like:

  • debris in the water
  • capsizing in cold water and the possibility of hypothermia
  • bridge abutments that catch debris and create swirling waves
  • turbid, muddy water that makes other hazards difficult or impossible to see

Don’t forget that high water can also cause damage and Fishing Access Site closures, and restrictions are likely as spring runoff continues. For updates on FAS closures, visit and click Restrictions and Closures.

If in doubt, don’t go! If you have any questions, please contact Sara Smith, Boating Education Coordinator for the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Recreational Boating Safety Program, at 406-444-5280 or

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The Best Opportunities to Work from Home

photo from pexels

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have all changed our lives, whether we like it or not. Yes, we have to accept lots of inconvenient terms and conditions tight now, but we also have learned lots of great things. One of such things is remote work. It seems that during the first few lockdowns, the dreams of all introverted people and freelancers have come true as they’ve got an opportunity to work from home officially.

The Bigger Picture
Yet the best things are still a little beyond the obvious. Not only the introverted people and those who already work remotely are getting lucky. As lockdowns become more and more frequent and continuous, the companies begin to offer great compensations for those who are ready to work from home. Sometimes, such salaries can be even greater than for those working full-time.

What’s more, lots of the remote career opportunities, in fact, allow you to start a new career path and switch to a totally different occupation at a rather face pace and more or less safely. The main idea here is to have just a little bit of spare time for training and part-time practice, which is more than affordable during the era of remote work. You can even start working abroad, but you’ll have to put some additional effort and check out the translation services in USA reviews to put your CV and recommendation letter in an appropriate shape. As for the careers, here are some of the hottest of them and to get you paid well enough.

5 Best Opportunities to Work from Home

• Web developer. Careers in IT, development, and computer science are some highest-paying ones as well as simply designed for remote work. Web development is the perfect start because learning web development is relatively easy, but it shows great results almost right away and offers some decent salaries of around $70,000 regardless of what company you work for.

• Web designer. If you feel more like a creative person but still want to go to IT, web design is for you. By creating various designs for different site types, you’ll be able to make as much as around $50,000 per year. At the same time, by working closely with developers, you’ll learn lots of new things and will be able to switch to IT further if you want.

• UI/UX designer. A great alternative for web design, UI/UX design is a career choice that allows you to produce true works of art. Designing convenient interfaces for websites, applications, video games, and, essentially everything else you can imagine in computers and software can be a pretty tough task to complete, depending on the final destination of design. Still, UI/UX designers make anywhere between $60,000 and $120,000, making them some highest-paid and demanded employees in IT.

• Software/website tester. Perhaps, you have considered switching to IT earlier but the need to learn lots of new things about coding and programming stopped you. Well, if it is so, then software testing is about to change your life. By finding and reporting bugs and glitches in programs or on websites will teach you the basic structure of coding and its logic, thus, allowing you to switch to IT relatively quickly and painlessly. In the beginning, you won’t make much (from $1 to $20 per 20–30-minute test) but later salaries grow as high as $70,000 per year on an entry-level.

• Translator. If IT is not your thing, then you should certainly try translation. The world needs certified translators now more than ever because the distance between people has grown, and language barriers did not vanish anywhere. At the same time, learning a new language might be not as hard as it seems. You can, for example, learn English and translate from your native language into it making enough money to go further and learn new languages too. On top of that, there are lots of tips on TranslateHub as to how to make a translator career fast enough. With a salary of around $52,000 per annum, translation is definitely a career to consider.

Into the New World

photo from pexels

Everything might have changed radically for lots of people, but the end of the world is certainly very far away from us. Being highly intellectual beings and adapting to all new conditions perfectly, humans always find ways to make our life easier or at least not make it harder. While jobs in IT seem very demanded and well-paid, there are still lots of careers to consider that might fit your talents perfectly as well and make you a happy and well-paid person.

Elizabeth Baldridge owes her experiences a career and all the success she enjoys today. Not being able to stay in one place, she constantly traveled throughout the world and experienced more and more new things. This paid her off very well as her sincere, detailed, and extremely useful articles made Elizabeth one of the most wanted and well-paid authors on the web.

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