Four Corner Furniture: Reclaiming Montana’s Past

Angie Ripple  |   Monday Jun. 1st, 2015

Have you ever had an old building speak to you? Each board has its own unique story, whether that be nail holes, saw marks, or the just dirt and grime stains. Each piece has many secrets in its grain. Reclaiming these boards, along with their stories, is a way to capture a piece of history and is just what Four Corner Furniture owner Levi Davis is doing with his furniture creations.

The beauty of reclaiming old wood spans from it’s long lasting appearance and durability to it’s character and environmental friendliness. Levi explains “Most barnwood has been through it all.” It  has been exposed to many different weather factors and has had a chance to expand and form to its state of shape. Most newer timber still needs to twist, expand and shrink, making reclaimed a little stronger than new, and not having to cut down a tree to create a new furnishing makes it even more special. Nearly all of the items used to build Four Corner Furniture are made from reclaimed barnwood taken from old barns, outbuildings, fences, etc., although some structural items are made from pine to keep the integrity of the structure. Most of the wood comes from Montana and Wyoming, but some has come all the way from the midwest and other parts of the country.

Previously known as Lonepine Lodgepole, the business began building lodgepole/log furniture in Lonepine, MT as a family run business founded by Denny & Patti Davis in 2001. As furniture styles evolved into reclaimed/barnwood instead of log, the business evolved as well and moved to Livingston in 2009. There, it was run from a garage. In 2010, Levi Davis took over the business and moved it to Bozeman. Levi worked out of various shops until he landed at the current location just south of Four Corners at 81341 Gallatin Rd.

At the Four Corner Furniture showroom you’ll find furnishings for all the rooms in your home as well as outdoor furniture and sliding barn doors. Furniture lines include bedroom, dining room, living room and office. The newest line of furniture is called ‘Concealed Compartments.” You can own a piece of rustic furniture with a space to hide your valuables from theft or just keep items from the reach of children. Four Corner Furniture has developed several pieces that have a hidden drawer or space, but can put them in many pieces of furniture that they build. Stop in and speak to the team about creating custom items just for you.

Four Corner Furniture is located ½ mile south of Four Corners and is open Monday-Fri from 9-6 and Sunday 10-4. Staff is available to help you pick out your new reclaimed furniture pieces or design something completely different based on your needs and ideas!

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