Letter From The Editor: Welcome To Montana

Angie Ripple  |   Wednesday Sep. 1

On August 10, 2021, our family was camping at Hyalite Reservoir, our two youngest children had been chasing each other around the campsite for several days before our son tripped running downhill and broke both the radius and ulna in his left arm. As…

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What's Your Beef? Tell It Time

Wednesday Sep. 1

My 2 cents in regards to vaccinate or not to vaccinate...might get kinda long...I work two jobs. I work two very ridiculously American jobs. By day I manage a summer grazing operation. I am a ranch manager and a working cowboy. No shit. Doesn’t…

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September 2021 Cover Artist: Kirsten Kainz

Wednesday Sep. 1

Kirsten Kainz sees the beauty in life, it sets her purpose. She has a never-ending need to create works of art that reflect the beauty, wonder and humor that she sees all around her. Her works of art are wonderful reminders to ourselves to enjoy and…

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The Bridger Foothills Fire One Year Later

Steve McGann  |   Wednesday Sep. 1

On the afternoon of September 4th, 2020 I was on a bike ride south of Bozeman. Turning north I gazed up at the Bridgers as always. There was a puff of smoke above the M. Intrigued, I rode to town keeping an eye on the smoke. Back home I checked the…

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Belgrade Real Estate Market Report

Tim Ford  |   Wednesday Sep. 1

Generally, this column focuses on Bozeman’s real estate market. However, Belgrade is a large part of the Gallatin Valley and the homes there play a massive rule in providing housing for our greater community. This month, we’ll take a look…

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Dog Days

Angie Ripple  |   Sunday Aug. 1

August in Bozeman is a hot month of exciting events, water recreation opportunities, back-to-school activities and the general hustle and bustle of MSU students returning. In this issue of Bozeman Magazine, our 170th, we’ve brought a variety of…

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What's Your Beef? Not So Quiet Riot

Phil Knight  |   Sunday Aug. 1

Decades ago, when I first lived here, Bozeman was pretty quiet. I could sit in my yard and enjoy a peaceful evening. I could hear and feel the spirit of this Valley of the Flowers. Places do have a spirit – an essence if you will – built…

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August Cover Artist: Nicholas MacKay

Sunday Aug. 1

Photographer Nicholas MacKay is 20 years old and was born and raised in Bozeman, MT. He is a classically trained ballet dancer from both the prestigious Russian Vaganova Ballet Academy and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, spending summers at The Royal…

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Sidewall Pizza Company

Elsa Russell  |   Sunday Aug. 1

It was Sidewall Pizza’s outdoor space on the Northeast corner of the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture that first caught my eye. It reminded me of a yard party: fun and inviting. I knew I had to check it out, and I was not disappointed. This…

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Madeline Hawthorne's Debut Album Boots

Missy Glenn  |   Sunday Aug. 1

Amongst the isolation and tragedy of the past year and a half, music was halted in place - musical icons were lost to Covid-19, live music was put on pause, bands were disbanded, recording studios shut down; the music industry took a huge hit…

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Joseph Lindley and His Park

Rachel Phillips   |   Sunday Aug. 1

These days, when one thinks of the Sweet Pea Festival, Lindley Park usually comes to mind. While the celebration is itself a Bozeman icon, so too is the popular city park that has been the Sweet Pea Festival’s home for the last 43 years. The…

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