A Bozeman Ice Cream Tour

Elsa Russell  |   Thursday Jul. 1

There is no better treat in the summertime than ice cream, and there is no better way to spend a 100-degree heat wave than sampling all of the ice cream Bozeman has to offer. I took myself on an ice cream tour of Bozeman in order to do just that, and…

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Midnight North Grahame Lesh Interview

Ken Thorsen  |   Thursday Jul. 1

In the nearly 9 years since their origins in early 2012, Midnight North has established itself as a mainstay on stages in both the Bay Area roots music scene and on the nationwide touring circuit. They have opened for acts like Phil Lesh, the…

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What Is Love Field?

Eric Kofer  |   Thursday Jul. 1

Live music is back in Bozeman! ChickenJam West Productions has a full slate of concerts this summer, including seven intimate outdoor concerts near the corner of Love Lane and Huffine Lane. “Love Field” is an outdoor space owned by…

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Record Store Day Drops July 17th

Thursday Jul. 1

After a hugely successful “Record Store Day Drops #1” held June 12th, Cactus Records & Gifts (Cactus Records), a staple of the Downtown Bozeman music and arts scene for over 50 years, is gearing up for “Record Store Day Drops…

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Bozeman Real Estate Market Report July 2021

Tim Ford  |   Thursday Jul. 1

By now, most people in the Gallatin Valley have heard that the real estate market is really hot. Many have heard about the multiple offers and the cash buyers coming from out of state. Just how many cash buyers are there in our market? Looking at…

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Blazing Trails At Mystic Lake

Christopher Dyrland-Marquis  |   Thursday Jul. 1

The foreboding, summer squall barrelled through the alpine valley, rippling the surface of Mystic Lake and buffeting grass and trees growing by the water’s edge with pockets of blustering wind. The afternoon before had been as perfect as ever…

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Steve McGann  |   Thursday Jul. 1

Maps are fascinating. They are factual and authoritative. Roads and trails, place names and locations are described and believed. Maps depict the relationship of one place to another and chart the distance between them for us. They are indispensible…

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June Cover Artist: Neubauer Media

Tuesday Jun. 1

Neubauer Media is a photography/video company founded by Jeffrey Neubauer. Jeffrey was born in Florida and raised in Montana. His photography/ video career began by shooting live concerts in Missoula, MT. Since then, he has excelled at shooting…

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What's My Beef?

Sarah Cairoli  |   Tuesday Jun. 1

At the risk of divulging proprietary Bozeman Magazine secrets, I’d like to share a recent email exchange I had with Angie Ripple, the magazine’s publisher and an all-around amazing person who works tirelessly to create a sense of…

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14th-anniversary Issue of Bozeman Magazine

168 and Counting

Angie Ripple  |   Tuesday Jun. 1

Welcome to the June 2021 issue of Bozeman Magazine. We began publishing fourteen years ago this month and have produced 168 issues featuring local artists and contributing writers to bring an informative and hyper-local publication to our community…

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Dean’s Zesty Booch

Elsa Russell  |   Tuesday Jun. 1

Dean’s Zesty Booch is revolutionizing the beverage scene one refreshing and delicious can of kombucha at a time. Their alcoholic and nonalcoholic kombucha seltzers offer a nutritionally dense, healthier drink alternative without sacrificing…

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Shakespeare in the Parks Summer 2021

Kevin Brustuen  |   Tuesday Jun. 1

For 48 years, Montana Shakespeare in the Parks (MSIP) has brought free productions of Shakespeare to rural and remote communities across Montana and surrounding states. This summer, MSIP brings two more plays to stages across a five-state area…

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Matt Wallin and his Nervous Breakdown

Brian Ripple  |   Tuesday Jun. 1

photo courtesy of Neubauer MediaMatt Wallin and his Nervous Breakdown are set to release his first album on June 4th at the infamous Filling Station on the outskirts of new Bozeman. Ravens is a collection of fifteen songs from the heart and the from…

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Record Store Day 2021 June 12th and July 17th

Tuesday Jun. 1

Several weeks ago, Cactus Records & Gifts (Cactus Records), a staple of the Downtown Bozeman music and arts scene for over 50 years, announced their participation in Record Store Day 2021. Held over two “drop” dates, June 12th and…

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Way Out West King Ropes

Brian Ripple  |   Tuesday Jun. 1

Perched somewhere between indie, desert rock, and ragged Americana, Way Out West is King Ropes’ fourth record, and finest to date. At the center of it all is Dave Hollier, a gifted lyrical songwriter at the top of his game, surveying a land…

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2021 SW Montana Music Summer Guide

Ryann Thomas  |   Tuesday Jun. 1

Summer of 2021 is here! After enduring the past summer without any chance to get out and indulge in the local music mix, you will have a chance this summer. This past year guaranteed us one thing, and that was uncertainty. But one thing is for…

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Who Killed Harry Walker?

Kelly Hartman  |   Tuesday Jun. 1

On the 4th of July 1920, a farmer fishing the Madison river about six miles above Three Forks came across the grisly scene of a body lodged in a pile of driftwood. Stripped of most of its clothing and much of its flesh, the body was difficult to…

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