Bozeman Real Estate Report: July

by Tim Ford  |  Monday Jul. 1

Inventory shortage continues to be the reccurring theme in the Bozeman real estate market. The months’ supply of homes is currently at an all-time low of 2.5 months. The demand from buyers remains strong, but the number of new listings…

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Bozeman’s Dancing Deer: Else Trygstad-Burke

Monday Jul. 1

I run on a semi-regular basis, maybe three kilometers, three times per week. Nothing like the distance junkies in Bozeman who invited me to go trail running for the first time. At this invitation for a twenty-kilometer run, my partner…

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Small Town Big Event

Bozeman’s Boxing Brawl 1960 National Boxing Association Middleweight Championship

by Cindy Shearer  |  Monday Jul. 1

On April 20, 1960, Bozeman Montana made national news when a young MSU Fieldhouse hosted what would later make headlines around the world when the National Boxing Association Middleweight Championship title match between Champion Gene Fullmer…

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Yellowstone Fish Tales

Montana Grant  |  Monday Jul. 1

Fish have always been abundant in Yellowstone Park. The watersheds have been healthy and perfect habitats for trout. Yellowstone Lake alone is 136 square miles of trout habitat. The average depth is 139 feet and as deep as 390 feet.…

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Get the Most Out of Your Fly Shop Experience

Monday Jul. 1

Fly shops can seem like a secret society, one that to the outsider is largely mysterious and a little intimidating. Men who have dedicated their lives to the gentle sport of fly fishing sit behind the counter tying flies, pouring over maps or…

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by Angie Ripple  |  Monday Jul. 1

A guy named Josh from Tucson opens a restaurant, hires a waitress named Shannon, they fall in love, get married, move to Paris, she studies baking and tells him stories of a little town in Montana where she used to live, he doesn’t want…

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What's You Beef? Smash & Grabs at Trail-Heads

Monday Jul. 1

Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity. --John Muir It is counterintuitive of the soul present in the mountains to have anyone…

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by Angie Ripple  |  Monday Jun. 3

Thank you for picking up the 145th monthly edition of Bozeman Magazine, this month marks the beginning of our 13th year of publishing and bringing the Bozeman community a little closer with locally contributed editorial and the Greater…

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How Accurate is the Zillow Zestimate?

by Tim Ford  |  Monday Jun. 3

For the past few years, one of my more popular studies has been analyzing the accuracy of the Zillow Zestimate in the Bozeman market. For those unfamiliar, Zillow is a Real Estate website showcasing homes for sale. They also offer a…

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The Dogs of Bozeman

Four Legs, Two Ears, and an Adventure

Natalie Waddington  |  Monday Jun. 3

Some come in black; some come in white. Some are covered in brown or gray fur. Some have a mix. Some have long, thick coats; some have wirey, thin fur. Some have long tails, while some have short stubs, or no tails at all. Nevertheless, they…

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Escape From the Jail!

by Kelly Hartman  |  Monday Jun. 3

On the morning of December 22, 1911, all were surprised to find that six prisoners had escaped from the brand new $35,000 jail, which had been believed to be “escape proof.” The individual cells holding the prisoners were not…

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Don’t Be Fooled by the Silence

A rebuttal to Gallatin Wilderness: Don’t be Fooled by the Noise by Clint Nagel in the April 2019 issue of Bozeman Magazine

Monday Jun. 3

We all live here, many of us for the same reasons. We love the mountains and the lifestyle we enjoy within them. That much we have in common. However, these enjoyments can also divide us. Just as some drive pick-ups, others drive hatchbacks,…

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Art in Park County

Kevin Brustuen  |  Monday Jun. 3

In 1864, a young William Alderson left his home in Virginia and headed west, joining a growing rush to the latest gold strikes, namely a little-known town nestled in the mountains, called “Virginia City” in Montana Territory.…

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