Missy Glenn

Missy Glenn lives in Bozeman with her son DJ, two dogs, and her cat Ginger. She is a licensed Esthetician and Patient Care Specialist.

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Cabaret at Verge Will Steal Your Heart

Missy Glenn

A love triangle. Raunchy dancing, singing, jokes and laughter. The downfall of a free-speech government, the rise of a brutal, oppressing regime. Sexual tension amidst sexual confusion. Jazz, tights, lights, ACTION!While this all sounds like a new…

Verge Teen Theatre: The Prom

Missy Glenn

Since 1994, Verge Theater has been bringing entertainment and opportunities for expression to Bozeman’s consumers of the arts. Known then as the Equinox Theater, (think Camp Equinox), in 2011 Verge emerged to fit the changing mission of the…


Missy Glenn

Three of the sweetest people you could ever meet have created one of the most intriguing, talent-filled, fun-to-watch Punk bands in Gallatin Valley’s music scene. Goochslam—you read that right—is comprised of Cooper Tedford on…

Sitting Around the Table with Jacob Rountree

Missy Glenn

Mid-April, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jacob Rountree, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter who has been building momentum in the Pacific Northwest, particularly in Bozeman, over the last five years. Jacob won Bozeman Magazine’s…

Madeline Hawthorne's Debut Album Boots

Missy Glenn

Amongst the isolation and tragedy of the past year and a half, music was halted in place - musical icons were lost to Covid-19, live music was put on pause, bands were disbanded, recording studios shut down; the music industry took a huge hit…

Uncommon Beef: A Female Rancher is Called to the Land

Missy Glenn

Only 8 years ago, the Department of Agriculture assessed that roughly 14% of all cattle ranchers were women - and that number was on the rise. In 2017, that number of female ranchers in the United States grew about 15.5%, with female-led cattle…

Help Bless Foster Children this Holiday Season

Missy Glenn

I was about 5 years old when I met my 6-year-old, soon-to-be stepsister, Tiara. She was my best friend; we played on the weekends when she came to our house with her brother for time with their dad. She was so beautiful but looked so different than…

Keeping Sex Healthy in the Gallatin Valley

Missy Glenn

Safety first Teamwork second!As far as anecdotal advice goes, this one has always stuck because of the nature of its versatility. It’s one of those phrases that transcends time and circumstances. As we head into this Season of Love, this…

a Pickin’ and a Grinnin’ with Mr. Peter King

Missy Glenn

The nicest thing about music; you connect a group to get together on that level.” What’s “that level” you ask? Peter King has the answer – community. “It solidifies and drives home that’s why you’re…