September 2022

Forest Bathing: A Dose of Nature

Kelly Nicholson

I woke up this morning in a shady, creekside campground south of Red Lodge, and finally realized why I’ve been feeling down the last few weeks: I’ve been spending too much time inside. The summer heat has made me lethargic; my packed…

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September 2020

Q&A With a COVID-19 Survivor

Cassie Pfannenstiel

America has been facing the global COVID-19 pandemic for several months now, and though it may seem like things are returning to normal again, the threat of the virus is still very real. Even in Montana, local businesses and residents are feeling the…

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July 2020

Pandemic Health Check-In

Be gentle with yourself right now. This is an extraordinary time to be a human. In pre-pandemic(s) life, you might have been waking up at 6 am to exercise, physically going to work, dropping your kids off at school with a healthy and balanced lunch…

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April 2020

Bringing Sexual Health In Focus

A Conversation with Anna Couch, Bailey Mihalovich and Katie Meyer

Mia Snyder

Anna Couch, Bailey Mihalovich and Katie Meyer are three Montana State University students who have taken a special interest in sexual health as a public health issue. I recently spoke with them about their opportunity to present their story and…

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