August 2023

August Cover Artist: Cheri Dyk

An emerging Bozeman artist, Cheri Dyk is a contemporary oil painter with a love of Montana’s captivating culture. Her unique impressionistic style captures emotion, movement, and connection with the subject. In her words, “I love to…

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July 2023

July Cover Artist: Franklin Hessler

Franklin Hessler, owner of Mountain Man Guiding, arrived in the Greater Yellowstone region in 2007 and calls the town of Livingston home. Franklin fell in love with Yellowstone National Park while working there after graduating from college. Shortly…

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June 2023

June Cover Artist: Brooke Inman

A local landscape photographer and registered nurse, Brooke’s photography bug was sparked after a trip to Patagonia in 2017. Self-taught, she has educated herself on camera and post-processing techniques ever since. Her photography prioritizes…

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May 2023

May Cover Artist: Shari Chandler

Bozeman artist Shari Chandler captures a peaceful stillness with her work; from her vast landscapes to the quieter botanical studies and whimsical bovines, she paints scenes that seem to go beyond a basic representation, taking viewers into a quiet…

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April 2023

April Cover Artist: Jake Mosher

Jake Mosher, an international, award-winning photographer from Bozeman, believes that the view from the other side of the mountain is always worthwhile, and that time spent in the wilderness is added onto his life.“In extraordinary country…

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March 2023

March Cover Artist: Lynn Shield

A self-taught artist based in Billings, Montana, Lynn began drawing and painting as a young girl. Throughout her career, she used her creative and business skills as a marketing professional in the aerospace industry, and later in her own small…

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January 2023

January Cover Artist: Kara Tripp

Sculptural and bold knife markings are trademarks of artist Kara Tripp’s work, which is often described as resembling mosaic or collage up close. A native Montanan, Kara’s colorful, contemporary spin on traditional western themes defines…

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December 2022

December Cover Artist: Ella Kuzyk

Ella Kuzyk has been making art since she could reach her baby hands into a jar of paint. Raised in the mountains of California, Nevada, and Washington, Ella has a deep and fiery passion for the outdoors. Through high school she nurtured that passion…

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