March 2023

March Cover Artist: Lynn Shield

A self-taught artist based in Billings, Montana, Lynn began drawing and painting as a young girl. Throughout her career, she used her creative and business skills as a marketing professional in the aerospace industry, and later in her own small…

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January 2023

January Cover Artist: Kara Tripp

Sculptural and bold knife markings are trademarks of artist Kara Tripp’s work, which is often described as resembling mosaic or collage up close. A native Montanan, Kara’s colorful, contemporary spin on traditional western themes defines…

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December 2022

December Cover Artist: Ella Kuzyk

Ella Kuzyk has been making art since she could reach her baby hands into a jar of paint. Raised in the mountains of California, Nevada, and Washington, Ella has a deep and fiery passion for the outdoors. Through high school she nurtured that passion…

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October 2022

October Cover Artist: Charles Bear

Charles Bear is a celebrated contemporary Western artist whose distinctive watercolor, oil, and ink-based works have been praised by art enthusiasts worldwide. Inspired by books about the West and its Indigenous people, Charles began to draw what he…

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June 2022

June Cover Artist: Craig Collar

Craig Collar was born and raised in Montana and graduated from Montana State University with a degree in mechanical engineering. During his childhood years in Great Falls, he was told that his first full sentence was “the wind blows…

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