December 2022

December Cover Artist: Ella Kuzyk

Ella Kuzyk has been making art since she could reach her baby hands into a jar of paint. Raised in the mountains of California, Nevada, and Washington, Ella has a deep and fiery passion for the outdoors. Through high school she nurtured that passion…

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October 2022

October Cover Artist: Charles Bear

Charles Bear is a celebrated contemporary Western artist whose distinctive watercolor, oil, and ink-based works have been praised by art enthusiasts worldwide. Inspired by books about the West and its Indigenous people, Charles began to draw what he…

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June 2022

June Cover Artist: Craig Collar

Craig Collar was born and raised in Montana and graduated from Montana State University with a degree in mechanical engineering. During his childhood years in Great Falls, he was told that his first full sentence was “the wind blows…

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May 2022

May Cover Artist: Ryley Enich

Ryley Enich is a designer, outdoor enthusiast and artist. His work, a reflection of where he feels most happy, largely depicts scenes from mountain hikes, pristine streams or alpine lakes. He is a native Missoulian and Bozeman area transplant, and…

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April 2022

April Cover Artist Louisa Hull

When Picasso gave us a wonderful and remarkably new way of looking at the world, he also gave artists a very helpful quote: “Inspiration comes, but it must find us working.”Nature is the inspiration for all of Louisa Hull’s…

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March 2022

March Cover Artist: Elizabeth Loftis

For as long as she can remember, Elizabeth Geers Loftis has loved drawing and painting, so it wasn’t surprising when she chose to study art at Colorado State University. Her life took an amazing twist when she married a fellow Coloradan, Bob…

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