June 2024

June Cover Artist: William Stebe

William Stebe and his wife Sonja have been living in Montana for almost ten years. “While riding a motorcycle cross-country, I visited the western region of Montana, and saw myself living in and painting the landscapes that seemed to endlessly…

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May 2024

May Cover Artist: Frank Stewart

Frank Stewart is a professor of microbiology at Montana State. He is also one of the only marine biologists in Montana. When not teaching, he leads a research team exploring microscopic life in the oceans. His job has taken him from Antarctica to the…

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March 2024

March Cover Artist: Andrea Morgan

Andrea Morgan is a self-taught painter and paper mâché sculptor living in the Blackfoot River Valley of western Montana. Her various occupations (restoration ecologist, landscaper, vegetable farmer) have kept her hands in the dirt and…

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February 2024

February Cover Artist: Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen is an abstract landscape painter with a passion for environmental conservation. His painting practice has long been rooted in a spiritual engagement with color. Initially an abstract painter, he searched for a subject matter that rooted…

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January 2024

January Cover Artist: Emma Tompkins

Inspired by her mother to create from a young age, Emma Tompkins has been painting nearly her entire life. Her family moved to Montana when she was five, which has allowed her to develop a deep connection to place. With continuous encouragement from…

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