April 2019

April Cover Artist: Micah Rauch

Micah Rauch is a multi-talented illustrator and graphic designer originally from Wolf Point, Montana. He has been living in beautiful Bozeman, Montana with his wife and two kids since 2012. While much of his work isn’t publicly visible, his…

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March 2019

March Cover Artist: June Billings Safford

June Billings Safford, editor of Bozeman From The Heart, appears mostly as a painter, but June is a published poet and spent 27 years as a writing teacher at Bozeman High School. Her art work has been displayed in at least  25 venues and her…

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January 2019

January Cover Artist: Dawn Gerety

Dawn Gerety was born in Sydney, Australia and raised across the globe in Girdwood, Alaska. From sculpture to pottery, wood working to jewelry making, and painting to fused glass, she’s been creating art for as long as she can remember. Dawn…

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December 2018

December Cover Artist: Jacob Raab

Jacob Raab is a freelance photographer and musician who has spent the last two-plus years living out of a Toyota Camry, driving back and forth across the USA and Canada in search of alpine playgrounds. He has been climbing for over a decade, and has…

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October 2018

October Cover Artist: Katrina Bride

My passion is art. I sometimes feel like I eat, breath, live, and dream about photographing people and their special moments. In 2008 I started my photographic journey, and in 2013 it finally took me to Paris, France where I dove head first into…

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August 2018

August Cover Artist: Joey Wishart

Joey Wishart is an amateur photographer and night sky enthusiast from Seattle, Washington. In search of clearer skies and a great education, Joey came to Bozeman to study physics and photography at Montana State University. During his freshman year…

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July 2018

July Cover Artist: Packy Cronin

Like a lot of people around here, Packy Cronin came to Bozeman to go to MSU (read: ski Bridger Bowl) and never left. During the fall of his freshman year, Rolling Stone Magazine ran an article featuring Tom Jungst, Doug Combs and company skiing The…

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