July 2017

July Cover Artist: Kara Tripp

Montana artist Kara Tripp traded-in her brushes for a palette knife and hasn’t looked back! Her palette knife technique adds a contemporary twist to traditional subjects, including local wildlife and landscapes. Her work is recognizable by the…

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May 2017

May Cover Artist Merissa Lambert

Artfully crafted, always up for adventure. Merissa Lambert has photographed weddings and commercial photography since 2009. Based in Bozeman, she loves traveling anywhere in Montana and beyond! She believes in taking photography seriously, not…

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April 2017

April Cover Artist: Kyle Stinson

Kyle Stinson, a Bozeman native, loved great photos well before taking his own. When he became compelled to capture the world around him he bought a DSLR and a couple lenses second hand. They sealed the deal: Kyle was meant to be a photographer. Being…

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November 2016

November Cover Artist: K Potter

  When K Potter was a little girl, her dad would patiently sit with her at the kitchen table and draw hundreds of flowers. Birthday presents were usually art related, and in the second grade, when they asked “What do you want to be when…

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October 2016

Cover Artist: Augustus Koch

19th century cartographer

Augustus Koch was a 19th century cartographer who traveled the country for decades creating bird’s-eye views of towns and cities. He traveled to over twenty-three states producing fantastic aerial views of cities from Jacksonville, Florida, to…

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September 2016

September Artist

Paul Holdorf is always on a treasure hunt. At least that is how he feels as he commutes from Bozeman to Big Sky every day. The Gallatin Canyon provides ample opportunity to spot wildlife or just a perfect reflection shot in the river. You never…

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