February 2020

February Cover Artist: Ben Jacobsen

Ben Jacobsen is a father, husband, skier, sailor, and photographer, just about in that order! It is rare to not find him outside with a camera year-round. Originally from Rhode Island, Ben came to Bozeman in 1996 to go to MSU for computer science and…

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October 2019

October Cover Artist: Josh Maierle

Josh Maierle is a third generation Montanan living in Bozeman. Josh wonders if you can relate to how Montana gets under your skin, in a good way, in a way that never leaves once it’s there. This place, the colors, landscapes, wildlife and…

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August 2019

August Cover Artist: Glenda Weaver

Glenda Rainie Vinson Weaver is a professional hair designer and venue owner who loves the outdoors and found happiness through an old lens and cell phone camera. Glenda was born and raised in Montana; she’s stomped a few trails, kissed a few…

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July 2019

July Cover Artist: Lola Murals

Lorin Pope and Lani McKay joined forces in 2017 to create Lola Murals, customized art for large scale surfaces. Visual artists inspired by nature, their collaborative work can be found in multiple states. Having first seen Lani’s portraits of…

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June 2019

June Cover Artist: Franklin Hessler

Franklin Hessler is originally from Minnesota and ended up in Montana via Yellowstone National Park like many other savages (as concessionaire employees are referred to in the park). Just out of college he got a job working in the park and spent a…

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May 2019

May Cover Artist: Mitchell Sander

Artist Mitch Sander, originally from Bismarck, ND, moved to Bozeman, MT, in 2010 to follow his passion in art. He began to paint & sell his work at local art events and coffee shops. In 2014, Mitch picked up a pair of pliers and began to teach…

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