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Remembering Those Who Came Before Us

Thank you, Mr. Bailey. That is what I was thinking as the predawn light began to tent tively seek out the lake behind our home in the mid-autumn chill. Self-taught and uncommonly brilliant, Mr. Bailey risked everything, including his life, to live…

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It Sure Beats Sitting On The Couch

I sat on my couch in Bozeman, eyeing the mailbox like a rabid dog. The mailman would be there any minute with a package containing my car keys, which I had left in Oakland while visiting family, a boneheaded maneuver that would surprise nobody who…

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We Love Winter

In spring 2019, Dragan Danevski and Lina Hultin founded the Bozeman-based non-profit, Montana Endurance Academy [MEA]. Originally from Sweden, Lina has since moved to Norway to be closer to her family. Dragan is well known in the community, having…

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Artist Bio

February Cover Artist: Matilda Wentzel

You may have seen Matilda Wentzel’s colorful art popping up around town, such as at Red Tractor Pizza in Bozeman or Big Sky Buds in Four Corners. This Big Sky-based artist is making her way into the hearts of her viewers—each acrylic…

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Cugino’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

Cugino’s is the perfect spot to enjoy the classic Italian dishes everyone loves after a long day of playing in the snow and sun. The menu is packed with favorites like bruschetta, steamed mussels, antipasto, muffaletta, chicken piccata…

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Living Local

Who Wrote It?

Consciousness is what makes us unique, human. Language is the method we use to express that consciousness. Writing and reading the words of language are the concrete tools of the process. Whales and elephants and ravens have language, but they have…

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The Dead & Down

If you haven’t heard THE DEAD & DOWN you owe it to yourself to check out this gang of space cowboys waging holy war against silence and overpriced breakfast. The band envelopes the thoughtful and inscrutable songwriting of Taylor Burlage in…

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Real Estate

Real Estate Year End Market Report

Last year, 2022, saw a lot of big headlines: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the removal of mask requirements on airplanes and in most public places, the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, inflation, and an overturning of Roe V. Wade are just a…

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Letter From the Editor

A Love Letter to Bozeman

Each month, for the past 187 months, Bozeman Magazine has been a love letter to Bozeman. Created by two MSU graduates out of an entrepreneurial spirit and love for Montana community, BM puts everything Bozeman into each issue and stores it all online…

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Historic Bozeman

A Brief History of Bozeman Movie Theaters

And that's the way we went to the movies

Who doesn’t love the classic date night of dinner and a movie? For over a century, people of all ages have flocked to movie theaters for an entertaining evening out. In honor of the generations of Bozemanites who frequented our community movie…

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Screen & Stage

Cabaret at Verge Will Steal Your Heart

A love triangle. Raunchy dancing, singing, jokes and laughter. The downfall of a free-speech government, the rise of a brutal, oppressing regime. Sexual tension amidst sexual confusion. Jazz, tights, lights, ACTION!While this all sounds like a new…

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Top 10 List

Top 10 Affordable Date Ideas in Bozeman

Bozeman is not the cheapest city to live in, but that doesn’t mean that romance and dating has to be expensive! The city of Bozeman is filled with fun and affordable date ideas for those looking for a little less Netflix and chill, and a…

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