A Love Letter to Bozeman

Angie Ripple  |   Wednesday Feb. 1st, 2023

Each month, for the past 187 months, Bozeman Magazine has been a love letter to Bozeman. Created by two MSU graduates out of an entrepreneurial spirit and love for Montana community, BM puts everything Bozeman into each issue and stores it all online at bozemanmagazine.com to be viewed after the print copy has been recycled. 

Our assemblage of local contributing writers create informative and interesting content for us to publish, and for you to read, learn from, and enjoy. We feature the people, places and things that make our area the special place it is and encourage our community to participate as much as possible in events, activities, educational opportunities, sports, recreation and all-things-Bozeman. By giving you information in advance rather than after-the-fact, we are giving you the opportunity to be fully engaged with the people, places and events available to you in the greater Bozeman area.

Events are an important way to build community; by bringing people together we are able to relate to one another through shared interests and passions, and a better world can emerge. If you are creating events in our area, we offer a FREE way to get them seen online and in print. Anyone can add local events at www.bozemanmagazine.com/events/submit. There are options to feature the event(s) on our homepage, purchase display advertising, or simply spread the word about your event to help make it a success.

Without our advertising partners, we would not be able to continue bringing the interesting information we seek out each month. Thank you to the many local businesses that have chosen Bozeman Magazine as part of their marketing plan—we love you!

If you have a local business and are looking to broaden your reach, solidify your brand, and find new customers, we offer many options to get you seen both online and in print. Please direct all advertising inquiries and media kit requests to angie@bozemanmagazine.com.

Please continue to look to Bozeman Magazine for what to love about Bozeman; we truly have it covered.

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