May 2023

What's Your Beef?: Naming a Familiar Peak

Many locals are familiar with this view. After traversing 4 miles and ascending almost 4000’ from the College ‘M’ trailhead, hikers and runners reach this final ascent to the summit of… an unnamed bald peak at the southern…

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March 2023

Where Were You During the Stampede?

Steve Kirchhoff

As everyone knows, Bozeman and other hot, fast-growing towns in Montana lack affordable housing. The shortage of affordable housing is the product of the actions of four classes of people who, prior to the pandemic, had less influence over…

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December 2022

What's Your Beef? Have You Seen Citizen Greg?

Steve Kirchhoff

The first time I ever came across Greg Gianforte was the Monday afternoon of January 5th , 1998. I have no illusion that he remembers me, for we never made eye contact, never exchanged names or a handshake.We were in the same place at the same time…

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October 2022

What's Your Beef? Invaders In The Market

Steve Kirchhoff

It might be as important to know “who” as it is to know “how much.”For the past several years, the Bozeman City Commission has struggled mightily to solve the problem of housing unaffordability. Credit is due to them for…

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