August 2022

Current Leaders Must Care

Steve Kirchhoff

We need to understand as much as we can about life. It is not enough to know what something is or how much of it there is. We also need to know the why and wherefore of things. Citizens of Bozeman, particularly in this period of rapid population…

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June 2022

What's Your Beef? Last Resort

Marion Jackman

It’s common knowledge that Bozeman is an expensive place to live. The price of housing is steadily rising, and affordable apartments are scarce. Many are resorting to living in campers and RVs, boondocking in empty lots around Bozeman. Others…

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November 2020

It’s Okay to Have a Snow Day

Joseph Montalbano

Being a student (or anyone really) on the first snow of the year is hard. Oftentimes, when fall is just about to peak and the pumpkin and cinnamon is starting to flow freely in my pies and cookies, four inches of snow hits overnight. That often…

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October 2021


Steve McGann

There was a theme in last month’s issue of this magazine. Articles by Angie Ripple, Michael Gillan, and Christopher Dyrland-Marquis explored cooperation, samaritanism, neighborliness. In short, they all seemed to say: This is Montana…

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September 2021

What's Your Beef? Tell It Time

My 2 cents in regards to vaccinate or not to vaccinate...might get kinda long...I work two jobs. I work two very ridiculously American jobs. By day I manage a summer grazing operation. I am a ranch manager and a working cowboy. No shit. Doesn’t…

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