February 2015

Old Town / New Town: Talent Plus Just Ask

Jerry Schuster

This is definitely it, I will not tell you again that my wife and I are “in transition,” having moved from Wolf Point, Montana (old town) to Bozeman (new town) for “semi-retirement,” whatever that means. So, please fix that in…

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February 2015

What’s Your Beef?

A curmudgeon speaks

Fritz Shallah

Let me be the first to admit my aversion to technology. I remember when inventive technology meant color television and computers the size of warehouses. I struggle to adapt to a world where Dick Tracy’s futuristic wrist watch is not just a…

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November 2014

Look Around


Ramona Mead

In this small town, which houses the only airport in the area and is one of the last stops for provisions before Yellowstone National Park, these gentlemen were notably tourists.

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