December 2020

Stepping Into The Unknown

Clowning Around with 406Cirque

Ruby Zitzer

Many of us have a narrow vision of what it means to be a clown, usually built off images of clowns in scary films. Due to these horrifying associations, we are often far from feeling comforted or open to the idea of being around clowns. I would argue…

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October 2020

NICA Has Come to Bozeman

Kat Forester

NICA has come to Bozeman. You may ask “what is NICA?” NICA is the National Interscholastic Cycling Association and its, mission is to build strong minds, bodies, characters, and community through cycling. The NICA values are fun…

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August 2020

The Bozeman Bouldering Circuit

Kat Forester

If it’s a nice day in Bozeman, Montana, and you’re on a bike ride around town or you want to do some rock climbing, you might want to make a stop on the Bozeman Bouldering Circuit. The Bozeman Bouldering Circuit is a route around town…

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July 2020

Infected With The Love of Fishing

Montana Grant

One could say that there are good and bad infections. Some bad infections are highly contagious and are caused by things like the coronavirus. Mask wearing has been proven highly effective in stopping the spread of these infections. Other infections…

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