Reroute to Pilgrim for Kids Cycling

Kat Forester  |   Sunday Aug. 1st, 2021

Looking for something fun to do with your kids this summer in Bozeman? Now through August 13, Pilgrim Church [2118 S 3rd Ave, Bozeman] is hosting a race track for kids and families to bike, trike and skate on. The church has converted a portion of its parking lot into a chalk race track; there are lots of routes and directions to check out. There are boxes filled with chalk that you can use to maintain the track, decorate and/or add your own routes. There are benches on the side of the parking lot for parents or caretakers to sit and watch the action. The parking lot is quite large and is located near the Gallagator Trail, so it’s easy to get to. In addition to the race track, there is also a playground, picnic tables with shade and a grassy area away from the road where kids can run around. They also have activities like ring toss and hopscotch to the side of the track. Ever since it opened, kids and adults have come from all over Bozeman to decorate and ride the track. The chalk race track is operating from 8 am-8 pm. It is part of a larger effort by Pilgrim Church to create summer opportunities to bring people together for community and connection after being isolated because of COVID for so long.

“Pilgrim has wonderful outdoor spaces and thought it would be fun to share them with the Bozeman community,” said Kate Bryan, one of the church members involved in organizing the creation of the chalk racetrack. The track is made out of spray chalk, a semi-permanent paint that can withstand the rain, so the course won’t get washed away. Pilgrim Church also has other free outdoor summer activities like concerts, meditation sessions with poetry and music, wide-screen TV movie nights and fireside sing-alongs with s’mores. For details on these events, check out the Pilgrim Church Online Calendar at: Next time you’re in the area with your bike, be sure to check it out.

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