June 2022

What's Your Beef? Last Resort

Marion Jackman

It’s common knowledge that Bozeman is an expensive place to live. The price of housing is steadily rising, and affordable apartments are scarce. Many are resorting to living in campers and RVs, boondocking in empty lots around Bozeman. Others…

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April 2022

Protecting Bozeman Wetlands

Wetlands are some of Gallatin County’s most valuable real estate. Protecting them is essential to the long-term health and prosperity of our communities. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CleanWater Act (CWA), Sacajawea Audubon…

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November 2020

It’s Okay to Have a Snow Day

Joseph Montalbano

Being a student (or anyone really) on the first snow of the year is hard. Oftentimes, when fall is just about to peak and the pumpkin and cinnamon is starting to flow freely in my pies and cookies, four inches of snow hits overnight. That often…

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September 2021

What's Your Beef? Tell It Time

My 2 cents in regards to vaccinate or not to vaccinate...might get kinda long...I work two jobs. I work two very ridiculously American jobs. By day I manage a summer grazing operation. I am a ranch manager and a working cowboy. No shit. Doesn’t…

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August 2021

What's Your Beef? Not So Quiet Riot

Phil Knight

Decades ago, when I first lived here, Bozeman was pretty quiet. I could sit in my yard and enjoy a peaceful evening. I could hear and feel the spirit of this Valley of the Flowers. Places do have a spirit – an essence if you will – built…

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July 2021

What's Your Beef? I Get by With a Little Help From my Neighbors

The growing housing market in Bozeman creates tension, and we need one another to make it through the changes.

Emily Lewis

Some of us have memories of nights spent walking around Bozeman near the old Hardees and Blockbuster, with close comforts like curly fries, friends, and hot asphalt. We look at spots around town and feel the energy of old spaces. In our nostalgia…

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June 2021

What's My Beef?

Sarah Cairoli

At the risk of divulging proprietary Bozeman Magazine secrets, I’d like to share a recent email exchange I had with Angie Ripple, the magazine’s publisher and an all-around amazing person who works tirelessly to create a sense of…

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