October 2023

Meet Two Bozeman Mayoral Candidates

JOHN MEYER Bozeman has been taken hostage by developers. We need a new mayor who can take control of the situation and end the unspoken policy of growth at all costs. People want to live in Bozeman for the high quality of life, not the sprawling…

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July 2023

What's Your Beef?: Greetings

Steve McGann

In early May, I roused myself from a cloudy late afternoon daze and drove up to hike the M. This was somewhat unusual for me. After more than ten years of hiking the M a couple times each week, I had stopped after the 2020 fire. None of the M trails…

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October 2022

What's Your Beef? Invaders In The Market

Steve Kirchhoff

It might be as important to know “who” as it is to know “how much.”For the past several years, the Bozeman City Commission has struggled mightily to solve the problem of housing unaffordability. Credit is due to them for…

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