January 2020

What's Your Beef? Are You Stuck Up?

Montana Grant

Few trucks or cars are without a bumper sticker. Some rides are completely covered. Some rigs sport only a couple. Too many bumper stickers are tacky. Bumper stickers display our right and freedom of expression. Finding a sweet spot that is…

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December 2019

What's Your Beef? This is Normal

Kris Drummond

We live in a culture that cultivates the art of pretending not to know. This could be one definition of privilege. In playing along, we the privileged beneficiaries of the system avert our eyes from injustice, greed, and inhumanity to take up…

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October 2019

What's Your Beef? Loud Pipes

So, tell me how is it that law enforcement can pick out a loud party, but they can’t pick out a loud motorcycle?  Several years ago, while on a family vacation in Glacier National Park, we hiked into the Granite Park Chalet.  Five…

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September 2019

Beef Reconsidered

Kris Drummond

Having beef feels strangely satisfying. Being asked to write about it is even better. Not only do I get to spend time re-convincing myself of my own opinions, but I get to expose people to them in a one-way conversation where nobody else can comment…

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