June 2021

What's My Beef?

Sarah Cairoli

At the risk of divulging proprietary Bozeman Magazine secrets, I’d like to share a recent email exchange I had with Angie Ripple, the magazine’s publisher and an all-around amazing person who works tirelessly to create a sense of…

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January 2021

What's Your Beef? Spades

Kris Drummond

The phrase “call a spade a spade” originated with the classical Greek philosopher Plutarch and has been recycled through time by the likes of Oscar Wilde, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and others. I’ve always been curious about the term as…

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August 2020

Hospital Birth & Women’s Rights

From the beginning of humankind, women have supported other women as they birthed their babies. These support persons are known as “doulas.” Doulas are welcomed into homes, birth centers, and hospitals alongside a laboring woman and her…

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July 2020

What's Your Beef? Killer Impact

Phil Knight

In the 1997 movie thriller Asteroid, an extinction-level impact is predicted as an asteroid is aimed at Earth by a passing comet.  Three aircraft with lasers are scrambled and succeed in breaking up the asteroid though smaller fragments still…

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