July 2024

Music in the Mountains pt 2

EL LABERINTO DEL COCO W/ CRUZ CONTRERASJuly 11, 2024El Laberinto del Coco is a captivating Puerto Rican Bomba contemporary band that effortlessly blends the rich traditions of Bomba music with contemporary influences, creating a unique and vibrant…

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May 2024

Vigilante Music Fest

Brian Ripple

One spring day in 1863, six men looking for their next big gold strike found it in Alder Gulch, William Fairweather, Henry Edgar, Thomas Cover, Barney Hughes, Micheal Sweeney, and Harry Rogers left Bannack, attempting to meet and travel with James…

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That 1 Guy

Prepare to embark on a sonic journey like no other, as That 1 Guy, the musical maestro and one-man band extraordinaire, takes the stage with his unique blend of experimental sounds and imaginative performance. Known for his innovative approach to…

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March 2024


Kathleen Johns

Puddle formed one night back in 2021, when a casual hang out of friends turned into a jam that was so successful the Bozeman cops were called out on a noise complaint. “Starting this band for friends so that you have somewhere to hang out and…

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February 2024

Hornbread: Freshly Baked

Brian Ripple

Formed in 2021 Hornbread has been taking the local music scene by storm. As their moniker implies, they are a Ska band led by an array of horn players. Recently Bozeman Magazine had the opportunity to catch up with their drummer Nathan Rodacker to…

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