Seeking Letters to the Editor / What’s Your Beef?

Angie Ripple  |   Thursday Feb. 1st, 2024

Each month we ask the community to share their opinions, and their ‘beefs’ in our Letter to the Editor or What’s Your Beef? section. We are looking to increase our community engagement this year by publishing many more of your opinions and ideas. We encourage readers to share their points of view on any local topic so we can provide a place where both sides, or multiple sides of an issue can be expressed. Respectfully analyzing both sides of a topic may be the most important thing our society ought to be doing at the moment, and we are providing you with that opportunity!

To do this we need to hear from you! Can you express your ideas clearly and concisely in 800-1000 words? We know that our readers are well-educated, compassionate, community-minded individuals, and we encourage all of you to help us expand the Bozeman narrative with mindful exchanges of ideas. The goal? To create a platform where all sides can be expressed considerately for all of us to learn more about our neighbors, and to lean into topics that may be difficult, but also important.

By creating more community dialogue in each issue, we will be dropping the Letter From the Editor, leaving more space for local contributors to share their opinions about the numerous issues facing Bozeman and the greater Gallatin area and, hopefully, offer ideas for solutions. 

Bozeman Magazine has become a well-respected, well-read publication. As such, it is an excellent forum. Please share with your friends the idea of contributing an opinion or a beef. Over coffee with the gang, you can suggest writing down your local gripes and submitting them. When you return from a City Council meeting, pen some thoughts and send them our way. Driving through Bozeman’s busy streets, make a voice memo with suggestions and recommendations for our readers to ponder. Transcribe the memo and submit it.

Our editorial deadline is the 10th of the month for the following month. We would love to see a large increase in submissions to What’s Your Beef? in order to select the hottest, most timely topics each month. Our inbox is always open! Send your beef to, and expect a reply.

P.S. A correction to January’s issue: Our featured artist’s name was spelled incorrectly —  our apologies to Emma Tompkins!

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