September Cover Artist: Jeff Brenner

Friday Sep. 1st, 2023

Jeff Brenner is a professional wildlife photographer from Bozeman, MT. He has always gravitated to the nature of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and lives to share his experiences with others. Jeff strives to create emotionally impactful images that allow the viewer to feel a unique connection with each subject. Through an emphasis on light and shadows, paired with a shallow depth of field, he aims to transport his audience to the moment each photo was captured.

Jeff is a contributor to Discovery Channel’s social media content, and has had his work featured in a wide variety of publications, including Nat Geo and Outdoor Photographer. Although he sees every feature as an honor, Jeff is most fulfilled by assignments that allow him to benefit nonprofits such as Yellowstone Forever, and the Living With Wolves organization. He has dedicated his life to photographing the wild things of the American West, and is fueled by his pursuit of using art as a tool to make a positive impact in the place he calls home.