June Cover Artist: William Stebe

Saturday Jun. 1st, 2024

William Stebe and his wife Sonja have been living in Montana for almost ten years. “While riding a motorcycle cross-country, I visited the western region of Montana, and saw myself living in and painting the landscapes that seemed to endlessly present themselves everywhere I went. Old barns, animals, huge mountains, and massive valleys fuel my ambitions of artistic challenges.”

These days, William can be seen with groups of people of all skill levels painting their experiences in the wild through his fledgling art business, Montana Art Outfitters. Participants bring home a painting of their own creation, much like hunters and fishermen bring home prizes from their adventures.

Art has been an ongoing passion for William since childhood. His style has evolved out of his past work in figurative sculpture. “I start my painting with a value study—composing and looking for gesture, just as I drew preliminary ideas and manipulated an armature for a sculpture. Then I hang color onto it, just like pieces of clay, modeling, building elements that harmonize and move together, creating depth, and color vibrations that suit my needs.” Some of his art heroes are Vincent Van Gogh, Robert Daughters, Donna Clair, Brian O’Connor, Vassily Kandinsky, and Douglas Fryer. Color and form are very important, and balance is the name of the game. “It’s like playing chess with God. You may have an idea about what you want to do when you start, but with patience and grace, it is always a surprise where a painting will lead to in the end.”

In his youth, William attended Tufts University/Boston Museum School, studying sculpture, painting, photography, and art history, which he continues to do. He has displayed and sold his art throughout the mountain states of New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Montana.

If you would like to contact William, please visit his website at: WilliamStebe.com