Steve McGann

Steve McGann has lived in Bozeman since the 1970s. Now retired, he is trying to finally use his history degrees. Or he is in the hills.

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Yellowstone National Park: Year Round Wonderland

Steve McGann

I was excited when I heard that the theme of this month’s issue of Bozeman Magazine would be the 150th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park. The first national park in the world—America’s best idea. Here was a topic I knew…

Spring Road Trip

Steve McGann

Every May I charge off somewhere too early for the season. I once loaded a large canoe on top of a small car and drove to Hyalite. The ice fisherman out on the reservoir got a good laugh from that misguided decision. I put my head down and drove the…

Mapping Out A List Of State Names

Steve McGann

As school children, we were required to memorize the names of the 50 states that make up the United States. We were also required to memorize the names of all state capital cities. That adds up to 100 names to memorize—no wonder I found grade…

Coming Back Into The Country

Steve McGann

The great essayist and non-fiction author John McPhee wrote a book about Alaska titled Coming Into The Country. When the idea for this essay came to me, I recalled his title and thought it very appropriate. So I borrowed it. The best part was that I…

End Camp

Steve McGann

Years ago, a friend called me saying that he wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday. He told me to pick the place. After thinking for a day or two I called him back and said I wanted to camp at Hyalite and have him cook me a steak over the…


Steve McGann

There was a theme in last month’s issue of this magazine. Articles by Angie Ripple, Michael Gillan, and Christopher Dyrland-Marquis explored cooperation, samaritanism, neighborliness. In short, they all seemed to say: This is Montana…

The Bridger Foothills Fire One Year Later

Steve McGann, photos by Angie Ripple

On the afternoon of September 4th, 2020 I was on a bike ride south of Bozeman. Turning north I gazed up at the Bridgers as always. There was a puff of smoke above the M. Intrigued, I rode to town keeping an eye on the smoke. Back home I checked the…


Steve McGann

Maps are fascinating. They are factual and authoritative. Roads and trails, place names and locations are described and believed. Maps depict the relationship of one place to another and chart the distance between them for us. They are indispensible…