The Class of Covid-19

Mia Snyder  |  Friday May. 1

For the longest time, graduation seemed like an illusion to me, a mountaintop I could see but never thought I would reach. By my junior year, I’d switched my major upwards of five times, from Kinesiology to Chemical Engineering to…

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Bozeman's Cohousing Community

by Kris Drummond  |  Friday May. 1

As I was driving to meet with Bozeman Cohousing Community cofounder Mark Owkes at the Daily Cafe on a quiet Sunday morning in February, I was secretly hoping to encounter a spiritual teacher. Or at the very least, a representative of a group…

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Bozeman’s Medical Heroes

by Rachel Phillips   |  Friday May. 1

In the late 1860s, only a handful of doctors lived in the Gallatin Valley, and most split their time between practicing medicine and other more lucrative careers. Today, our community supports a large regional hospital that employs hundreds…

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Navigating New Waters

Greg Louzan  |  Friday May. 1

With women being the fastest growing demographic in fly fishing and Bozeman being one of the fastest growing towns in the nation, it’s not too much of a stretch to realize that Bozeman may be the epicenter of the boom in women fly…

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Climbing Kilimanjaro at 60

by Phil Knight  |  Friday May. 1

Even though I am a lifelong climber and mountaineer, before this year I’d never ventured higher than Mount Rainier, 14,410 feet. I had a desire to experience high altitude, somewhere close to 20,000 feet if possible. Like many…

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Arts in the Time of Plague

Kevin Brustuen  |  Friday May. 1

This time of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders is a time of catching up on things, right? I’ve always wanted to sleep in, deep-clean the house, read that pile of books, fix that door latch so it closes properly, clean the garage,…

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I-Ho’s Korean Grill

Maggie Hudlow  |  Friday May. 1

With the shelter-in-place order, I have been doing a ton of cooking lately, and I am ecstatic to eat something that I haven’t prepared. Maybe it’s my spice drawer or perhaps it’s my technique, but all of my cooking is…

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May Cover Artist: Ken Thorsen

Friday May. 1

Ken Thorsen was born and raised in beautiful Bozeman, Montana where he continues to live with his wife Maggie and one of their three sons. If you are a regular reader of Bozeman Magazine you have likely seen Ken’s past contributions of…

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Living in Strange Times

by Angie Ripple  |  Friday May. 1

We are living in strange times. The key word in that sentence is living, which is what my note is all about this month. Bozeman Magazine celebrates life in Bozeman, Montana, we tell the story of Bozeman, past and present, and we feature local…

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April Cover Artist: Linda Kelly

Wednesday Apr. 1

Linda Kelly has been exploring Montana’s wilderness for over 25 years and still today is an avid hiker and horsewoman. She has had a lifetime career as a graphic designer and wildlife photographer.“I’m passionate about…

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Top 10 Spring Hikes in Bozeman

Kate Springer  |  Wednesday Apr. 1

Spring hiking in Bozeman can be a bit tricky. Many forest service roads are closed this time of year which makes accessing some of Bozeman’s most popular hikes a bit more difficult. So, when it comes to spring hiking in Bozeman…

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Earth Day Around The House

by Tim Ford  |  Wednesday Apr. 1

Since April is the month of Earth Day, it’s also a great time of year to start planning some home improvement projects for the spring and summer. What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by trying to make your home more energy…

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Why Owning House Plants is Easy

Jamie Calloway  |  Wednesday Apr. 1

You have probably heard “I do not have a green thumb” from a close friend or relative at some point in your life. Who knows, you may have said this yourself. Well, I am here to tell you that anyone can have a “green…

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