Ken Walcheck

Ken Walcheck is a Bozeman resident, and a retired Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks Information Wildlife Biologist. zHe continues to write Montana natural history wildlife articles.

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Nature’s Opulent Display Of Fall Colors

Ken Walcheck

A warm October sun bathes my face as I sit in a seasoned wicker chair on my patio, sipping hot apple cider, admiring Montana’s brilliant fall colors, displayed by the maple, willow, mountain ash and cottonwood trees in my backyard. The…

Don't Tread On Me

Ken Walcheck

Lewis and Clark's Encounters with Montana's Pit Viper, The Prairie Rattlesnake

The Missouri River Breaks A Land of Visionary Enchantment

Ken Walcheck

To Meriwether Lewis, Esquire…. “The object of your mission is to explore the Missouri river, and such principle streams of it, as, by its course and communication with the waters of the Pacific ocean, whether the Columbia, Oregan (sic)…

Montana’s Scented Sharpshooter The Striped Skunk

Ken Walcheck

More than a past number of decades that I can remember, I was bamboozled by some slick-talking older cousins into a venture, a snipe hunt, “guaranteed” to earn me a few dollars and an exciting event to store away in my memory banks. They…

Lewis and Clark’s Encounters With the “Turrible” White Bear

Ken Walcheck

The Missouri River, viewed by The Corps of Discovery as their flotilla entered Montana on April 27, 1805, was truly pristine and colorful, a great snag-toothed, twisting ribbon of water running free and wild as it surged through game-rich, verdant…

Barbed Wire’s Impact On The History Of The West

Ken Walcheck

It  was a crisp late October morning, many decades ago, as I followed a faint deer trail blanketed with smoky gold cottonwood leaves in a remote part of southeastern Montana bordering the Powder River. Further up the trail, I encountered a…