Top 10 Date Spots in Bozeman

Christopher Dyrland-Marquis  |   Tuesday Feb. 1st, 2022

While February can tend to resemble the interior of a neglected freezer, it doesn’t mean that bleeding hearts can’t search for love in the frosty air. Bozeman boasts an immense selection of fun, winter wonderland activities to choose from: whether searching for that perfect Valentine’s Day Date, or simply brainstorming a new venture to spice things up. Keep reading to discover the top ten date spots worth pursuing around town.

Bacchus Pub
Sometimes, if you happen to be interested in someone, there is no better way to get to know them than through the delight of their enchanting conversation. For the rest of us, however, cocktails and appetizers can turn an evening of mind-numbing small talk into a festive and more-than-tolerable escapade. A hit for anyone who prefers to bond over delicious food and beverages, the Bacchus Pub offers a tantalizing selection of sandwiches, burgers, and “Pub Plates’’ to sate the appetite and enjoy a delightful night on the town. Should you enjoy mixed drinks, or an impressive, rotating selection of 24 beers on tap, be sure to give this one a try.

Montana Ale Works
The Irish playwright George Shaw once wrote, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food,” and anyone lucky enough to eat cuisine from Montana Ale Works would be hard-pressed to disagree. A well-bodied presentation of house-made cuisines (at reasonable prices) helps would-be-lovers gush over each other while savoring succulent dishes and gradually slipping into an inevitable food coma. With a varied dining menu to leave you reminiscing over bison steak or almond-crusted walleye, Montana Ale Works is a date destination worth drooling over.

The Bozeman Bowl
Chances are, we all know someone who thinks they’re great at the sport of bowling. Some of our friends might even unwittingly dress for the part! Facilitating a laid-back setting to goof around, boast about our prowess to knock down pins, and marvel at how realistic those CGI strike animations have become, The Bozeman Bowl can help break the ice and enjoy some quality time with a date. With tasty snacks and beverages to enjoy as you chase your perfect game, you’re sure to lord over sweet victories, mourn heart-wrenching defeats, and have a blast the entire time.

Haynes Pavilion
Winter weather excels at leaving ice-coated hazards that trip-happy pedestrians like me make notes to avoid, but if you add a few skates, a properly sized enclosure, and a bit of good company—you have a perfect ice skating date on your hands. Check out the Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds for a public skating session to glide around and show off your skills. Do consider the skill level of your potential guest, however, as the uninitiated will surely leave with humorous tales of bruised bottoms and egos!

Hyalite Reservoir
Subfreezing temperatures can be an unfortunate certainty when February rolls around, but also a silver lining for any outdoorsmen longing to take part in one of the most relaxed sports around: ice fishing! If the outdoors calls to you and yours, there can be no better place to share each others’ company than Hyalite Reservoir. With sublime backdrops to appreciate and a variety of elusive fish to chase, Hyalite can be the perfect getaway to savor a winter afternoon.

Peets Hill at Burke Park
There are few activities that can keep you feeling young, but nothing does the job better than some sledding! While quite a few spots exist around Bozeman to discover, one of the best has to be Peets Hill at Burke Park. Located a few blocks from Main Street, the hill no longer hosts a lighted ski jump, but hold on to your hat! The high-speed sledding destination is still a hub for anyone interested in an exhilarating, hair-raising descent. Public restrooms and benches also provide amenities along the 1-2 mile trail that leads up to it, so be sure to pack a lunch, bring a friend, and prepare to enjoy a memorable adventure.

Bozeman’s M Trail
Some residents find themselves restless to embrace Bozeman’s beautiful scenery when the first snow slowly begins accumulating around town. If this describes you, there is hardly a better activity to get to know someone in the fresh, outdoor air than hiking Bozeman’s M Trail. A 1.6 mile loop, the hike overlooks the Gallatin Valley, presenting visitors with grand vistas of the surrounding town and hills. Should you and a partner be up for a challenge, take a right at the trail’s first junction for a steep ascent. If you happen to be in the mood for something more relaxed instead, be sure to swing left! But before going, pack appropriately. The trail takes about an hour to explore, and winter weather can often leave the unwary slipping and sliding down wet terrain!

Bridger Bowl
Ask any self-respecting lover of the outdoors what their favorite winter activity might be, and you’re bound to hear skiing come up in reverent tones. As it so happens, many like-minded Bozemanites take solace in the fact that less than fifteen miles Bridger Bowl offers skiing slopes and trails to shred powder all day long. With both day and season passes available, the joy of winter sports is accessible to anyone who’s interested, whether it’s just for an afternoon, or for a lifetime.

Regal Cinema
Often, the best date is one where you can simply sit together, enjoy one another’s company, and voraciously scarf down snack food. If the sight of your partner’s shocked stupor doesn’t dissuade you, then an escapade into Bozeman’s Regal Gallatin Valley to enjoy a newly released movie may be just the activity you’ve been longing for. An ever-rotating roster of cinematic classics always provides a fresh viewing experience to savor, and a variety of both snacks and beverages help craft a date night that’s hard to resist. Be sure to buy your tickets as early as possible to get the perfect seats.

Barnes and Noble
While both warm hugs and good books might be a great thing to receive on a blustery, winter afternoon, a hug simply can’t help ensnare you within plot twists, climactic conclusions, and surprise endings. Better yet, why read one book in solitude, when you can bring someone you care about to the Gallatin Valley Mall’s Barnes and Noble Bookstore, in order to gush over the latest mystery or romance novel you’re caught up in? You too can engage in distinguished critique over an author’s literary roads not taken, or simply contain one another’s laughter at some of the silly-looking titles you find on the shelves. Whether or not you do find a gem of a book to dive into, exploring titles with someone you care about is a sure-fire way to learn more about their interests and help progress into another chapter of your relationship.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be someone interested in food, drinks, the outdoors, or temperature-controlled environments, the variety of dates you can take someone on in Bozeman are sure to please.

Should you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands and an interested party, consider some of what the town has to offer. Exciting activities to enjoy are constantly evolving, and you only have to look around to find vibrant adventures in what might end up to be your favorite month of the year.

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