Christopher Dyrland-Marquis

Chris is an avid hiker in the Bozeman area and enjoys exploring local trails. He splits his time between writing and trying to find his way back out of the woods.

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Blazing Trails At Mystic Lake

Christopher Dyrland-Marquis

The foreboding, summer squall barrelled through the alpine valley, rippling the surface of Mystic Lake and buffeting grass and trees growing by the water’s edge with pockets of blustering wind. The afternoon before had been as perfect as ever…

Top 10 Sights to See in Yellowstone

Christopher Dyrland-Marquis

With awe-inspiring geologic features and humbling natural phenomena, Yellowstone National Park stands out as one of the country’s greatest swaths of preserved wilderness. Whether visiting to learn about its impressive geothermal systems, spot…

Top 10 Secrets for a Successful Fishing Trip

Christopher Dyrland-Marquis

Heading out for a big catch? Before you go, read these tips to help make the most of your time outdoors. Consider these ten strategies to come back smiling after every excursion.Choose the Appropriate BaitA great fishing trip starts with knowing what…

Pandemic Creates Challenges in Distributing Food to Local Community

Christopher Dyrland-Marquis

Heat-shimmering sedans, pickup trucks, and SUVs lined up behind one another in the sunny, spring afternoon, wrapping around an unassuming warehouse into the adjacent street: each waiting their turn to pull into the building’s modest parking…