Top 10 Trivia Night Venues

Christopher Dyrland-Marquis  |   Sunday May. 1st, 2022

While our “spring” weather seems to deeply enjoy misbehaving, Bozeman residents can lift weary heads from their hands, and take heart in one of the best activities for the downtrodden to pass time until summer arrives: some trivia! With many locations in town to choose from, and even a few outside of town, there’s no shortage of brain-puzzling, rambunctious gatherings to be a part of. Flex those lexicons and pump those “brain-ceps,” it’s time to impress your peers!

Bar IX

Most people generally know Bar IX as a location for intoxicating themselves with beverages rather than knowledge, but every Friday night from 7-9pm, curious brain-wizards can try their hand at Game Night Live Trivia! With a variety of categories and questions to solve, participants will enjoy a fun and unique experience.

The Molly Brown

If you prefer a wide selection of 26 different beers on tap, the occasional drink special, and sports, you might already enjoy gracing the Molly Brown Bar with your presence. But, if you happen to get “the jitters” when you go too long without bingo or trivia, you’ll find the Molly even more appealing! With each event taking place at 8pm weekly (bingo on Tuesdays, and trivia on Wednesdays), patrons can gather their friends or fellow bingo addicts together and share in a night of fun. Just leave some of those lucky bingo cards for the rest of us.

Bozeman Taproom & Fill Station

Boasting the best Monday Trivia Night in town from 7-9pm, this eatery also seeks to wow patrons with live music events and touring bands. It makes sense why each event takes place separately; have you ever tried playing trivia against a drummer? Complete madness. Those who take their trivia skills seriously can even add the Taproom’s trivia schedule to their calendar—now that flakey co-worker has no excuse not to show up.

Pub 317

Located in the historic Bozeman Hotel, Pub 317 enthusiastically offers “Quiz Nights,” every Wednesday, from 7-9pm. The establishment also welcomes new teams with open arms—this is your chance to form that jazz quartet you’ve always wanted (well, it’s not jazz, but it’s close). Collaborative participants will be delighted to learn that they can work together for both fun and prizes.

Wildrye Distilling

A newcomer to the aggressively competitive art of knowing some stuff, Wildrye Distilling has started hosting their own Game Night Live Trivia every Monday night at 6pm. With two hour-long games hosted per week, you can join in on the fun and settle in for some serious trivia commitments. With a variety of cocktail recipes available, you too can take a stab at answering questions that make lesser minds shake their heads in defeat, while exploring the fineries of an adult beverage.

Rocking R Bar

On Wednesdays at 7:30pm, regular party animals and intellectuals alike may enjoy learning that Rocking R Bar also hosts weekly trivia! Additionally, if you happen to be on the lookout for other popular events, such as “Mystery Beer Day,” or the ever-famous, “Thirsty Thursday,” check out their event calendar to learn when these and many other weekly events take place. You can even earn points towards having your picture put on their wall by attending ongoing events. Talk about fun!

Hop Lounge

If your four favorite things in life are trivia, vinyl, beer, and chicken (in that order), then Tuesdays at the Hop Lounge might just be your ticket to paradise. While trivia starts at 6:30pm, the taproom also serves patrons with an impressive 62-beer draft list, fire-roasted rotisserie chicken sandwiches, and complimentary, vinyl record tunes. Really, what could be better than good food, great beer, awesome music, and mind-stumping questions to answer?

Bacchus Pub

Operating inside the Baxter Hotel in downtown Bozeman, Bacchus Pub has the unique opportunity to serve downtown patrons and locals, as well as those who wander in to appreciate its delicious food and beverages. Now, there is an even better reason to pop inside on Mondays at 7pm: the Bacchus Pub is hosting Game Night Live Trivia! Be sure to arrive early to grab a table, and try one of their fine pub dishes while you wait for the fun to start.

Katabatic Brewing Company

Located in Livingston, the winners of this establishment’s weekly trivia competition are given a prize fit for their accomplishments: they get to drink for free! If you find yourself out of town with three other people on a Wednesday, be sure to drop in from 6-7pm and see what all the hubbub’s about. The drive will certainly be worth it.

The Office Liquor Store and Lounge

Hosting weekly sessions not only of trivia and bingo, but cribbage as well, The Office Liquor Store and Lounge in Livingston presents an incredible range of activities to enjoy throughout the month. If you feel confident enough to make a living with your brain, the Lounge offers cash prizes for the winners of its Tuesday night, 6:30pm trivia matches, requiring only a $15 entry fee. Alternatively, the same amount will buy you ten rounds of bingo on Wednesdays, so there’s certainly no shortage of tough decisions to make.

Many bars across the Gallatin Valley may focus on their nightly crowds for revenue, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also host engaging events to bring the community closer together. Take a peek at your schedule, and see if you wouldn’t like to make some new friends while enjoying good food or drinks, and learning something new. Here’s hoping that you try out some trivia-night hijinks to help you connect with the vibrant town around you!

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