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Sarah Cairoli is a local writer, tutor, and mother who has been enjoying all Bozeman has to offer for the past decade. She can be reached at

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What's My Beef?

Sarah Cairoli

At the risk of divulging proprietary Bozeman Magazine secrets, I’d like to share a recent email exchange I had with Angie Ripple, the magazine’s publisher and an all-around amazing person who works tirelessly to create a sense of…

Carving Connections and Sculpting Support

Sarah Cairoli

Bozeman’s abundant opportunities to get outside and play feel like a life raft during these turbulent times. When indoor isolation feels overwhelming, we can hit the slopes and chat with friends through our goggles and masks or get the kids out…

The Headwaters Three Ways

Sarah Cairoli

Montana has almost 170,000 miles of river, but the 18 miles leading into the Missouri River’s headwaters are some of the most scenic in the Bozeman area. Although not considered the best fishing waters, the final stretches of the Jefferson…

Top 10 Montana’s Most Haunted

Sarah Cairoli

Bozeman Paranormal Society is a historical ghost investigation group composed of people who are very passionate about the paranormal. BPS investigates reports of paranormal activity using cameras and more technical equipment, like ghost boxes which…

Top 10 Montana Summer Roadtrips from Bozeman

Sarah Cairoli

I know we live in the most beautiful place on Earth, but let’s face it, sometimes you just have to get away. You don’t need a week to make an escape; there are several fun places to go that are less than a day’s drive from…

Top 10 BZN Places for People Watching

Sarah Cairoli

Watching other people is human nature. We can’t help it; we’re fascinated by each other. We learn a lot about each other through body language and visual cues, often inventing entire stories about people we have never met. Bozeman may be…

Top 10 Places to Take Your Kids in Bozeman

Sarah Cairoli

For the past few years, local schools have seen record enrollment. More than 10,000 kids attend Bozeman and Belgrade public schools; good thing the Gallatin Valley is so kid friendly! We asked where you love to take the kiddos when you get a spare…

Top 10 Bozeman Landmarks

Sarah Cairoli

I’ll admit it: This was a tough one to write. Bozeman is such a unique place that it is hard to name just ten things that qualify as distinctly, quintessentially Bozeman. With a little help from my friends, I’ve come up with the following…

Top 10 Water Rec Ideas for Bozemanites

Sarah Cairoli

The dog days of summer are fast approaching, and it can get hot in Bozeman. What’s a sweaty Bozemanite to do? Luckily, we are surrounded by rivers and reservoirs that offer ample opportunity to take a dip. Whether you like to fish, float, or…

A Walk Back in Time: Explore Montana’s Gold Rush Towns

Sarah Cairoli

When the residents of Bannack elected Henry Plummer to the position of Sheriff in May 1863, they knew virtually nothing about him. They did not know that he had been convicted of murder and done time in San Quentin prison. They did not know that he…

Have Some Hope With Your Autism Diagnosis

Sarah Cairoli

All the debate over diagnosis and misdiagnonis, and vaccinations contributing to the onset of autism spectrum disorder overshadows the real issue: that children and families all over the U.S. and Montana deal with the effects of autism every day…

Capturing the Homesteaders’ Spirit

Sarah Cairoli

When I look around at Bozeman now, it is hard to imagine what it was like a century ago. However, the minute I venture to the mountains or plains, I can sense the overwhelming immensity that must have greeted early Montana homesteaders. The prospect…

Top 10 Things You MUST Do When Visiting Bozeman

Sarah Cairoli

Ahhhh, summertime! If you live in Bozeman, there is a good chance you have visitors coming at some point during the summer. If you don’t live in Bozeman, welcome! Whether you are acting as host or guest this summer, there are some things you…

Camp With A Roof Over Your Head

Sarah Cairoli

National Forest Service Cabins Offer A Great Way To Enjoy The Backcountry Without Packing A Tent

Red Lodge Road Trip

Sarah Cairoli

Maybe you think of it as the gateway to the Beartooth Highway. Maybe it is one of your favorite skiing destinations. Maybe you like to wager a little money on the pigs. Maybe you first heard of Red Lodge, Montana, when you read Hemingway’s For…

Glue and Garbage: Bozeman Man Turns Trash into Treasure

Sarah Cairoli

Living in Montana makes it easy to forget just how much waste the U.S. population generates every year. Our rivers are pristine, our mountains are clean, and the air we breathe is free of smog. However, in 2014, over 41 million metric tons of…

Most Romantic of Valentines Days to You

Sarah Cairoli, Angie Ripple

Ahhhh, February. Love is in the air and the pressure is on. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Some people are looking for that special someone while others are just looking for a special way to express their feelings. Finding that…

Shooting the Big Sky

Sarah Cairoli

Novice filmmakers expertly shoot Montana’s recreational opportunities