Top 10 Montana’s Most Haunted

Sarah Cairoli  |   Monday Oct. 1st, 2018

Bozeman Paranormal Society is a historical ghost investigation group composed of people who are very passionate about the paranormal. BPS investigates reports of paranormal activity using cameras and more technical equipment, like ghost boxes which use radio frequencies to communicate and record voices. BPS is a non-profit organization whose members enjoy working with the Bozeman community and helping people with negative or nasty spirits in their homes and businesses. Bozeman Paranormal Society thinks of spirits as part of history and likes to document them in that context. The following Top 10 List was created by Elies Adams, founder of Bozeman Paranormal Society.

Virginia City, MT
Every time we go to Virginia City we have paranormal experiences. Once, we saw an entity over by the hanging house; he had a long conversation with us and was colder than the area around him, which was odd. We have also seen full-body spirits in the cemetery and on Boot Hill. Additionally, we saw a mist go up the Boot Hill Road. We investigated the Fairweather Inn, and in room 4, we had the door try to shut on its own and lock us in the room. We got out in time, but on the video we captured, you can hear the door lock. In the Opera House, we have heard children’s voices and the sounds of people getting ready for a show. The many spirits that roam Virginia City and its buildings make it Montana’s most haunted ghost town.  

Bear Canyon, Bozeman, MT
We always have experiences in Bear Canyon. The first couple times we went there, one member of our group had a phantom phone call, and since there isn’t any service in Bear Canyon, it was strange. A phantom phone call is a call from the dead; when you answer, it is either silent or static white noise. When we got back to town, this group member told me one of his friends got a phone call from him and all he heard was static. We also had a strange little girl call our names and smelled cigarette smoke, although no one with us was a smoker. There have also been sightings of a little girl who seems to lead women to nowhere, getting them lost, and a man who we think used to be an engineer since we caught the word engineer on our Ghost box device. We have heard the little girl talk through the ghost box as well. Our most recent investigation was back in May; we saw a strange mist that seemed to be leading us somewhere. There have also been sightings of Bigfoot in Bear Canyon.

Boulder Hot Springs Boulder, MT
In addition to having soothing hot springs, Boulder Hot Springs has its own resident ghost, Simone. You can book a room named after her, and our devices have detected electromagnetic fields there; studies have shown that spirits are made of electromagnetic fields. We have asked Simone questions, and she has answered them though our devices. Last November, we were investigating the building after its remodel and heard strange footsteps and the sound of someone dragging something, even though no one was upstairs.

This is a beautiful building, so it’s no wonder the spirits stay!

Bannack, MT
This is our favorite ghost town because it is super active; we go every summer to enjoy the history and the spirits that roam the area. Our first experience involved catching a strange EVP on a voice recorder; in the Meade Hotel, a little girl’s voice seemed to say “We’re here forever.” Members have had several experiences including getting touched, seeing the merry-go-round at the school move on its own, and smelling fire even though there were no camp fires in the area. Recently, we investigated this location after hours. We asked if Henry Plummer, the corrupt sheriff, was allowed in the church while we were in there, and we heard a sound like a boot hitting the door. We have also seen a door open on its own, heard strange voices in the saloon and seen odd shadows in the Meade Hotel.

Clark Chateau, Butte, MT
We have interacted with several spirits here in the former home of Charles and Katherine Clark, descendants of Butte’s Copper King W.A. Clark. There is a child spirit who likes to move and hide objects as well as the spirit of the butler who may have killed this child. We have done community investigations here and had some attendees be touched by spirits and hear spirits call their names. We have also been threatened by a spirit who wanted us to leave the location.

World Museum of Mining Butte, MT
This location is pretty active, and the ghosts seem to still be working in the mine and on the grounds. We have investigated on our own and with community members here. We have heard voices and had a spirit show where he was on the memorial wall that is on the grounds of the mining museum. We have seen strange lights, which have shown up on our cameras as well. Some members of Bozeman Paranormal Society and attendees from the community have been touched as well.

Rialto Theater, Bozeman, MT
We think Pablo Elvira is in this building. We have investigated here twice; our first time, we saw a mist coming up to the theater stage. We caught a voice in the production room that said Pablo three times, and we found out Pablo Elvira did some shows in the building. It was one of his favorite venues to sing opera. Recently, we have investigated reports from the staff about experiences with  mists upstairs in the bar area and a teenage boy who shows up in the storage area and then disappears. Customers have also reported chairs moving on their own when no one was sitting in them. Kathleen Johns, another paranormal investigator and psychic we work with, saw a man with heavy boots that seemed out of place. We caught lots of strange voices or EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), which we catch with voice recorders; normally, people can’t hear spirits, but EVP devices make it easier to hear what spirits have to say.

Old Montana Prison Deer Lodge, MT
We have investigated this place in the past and have had lots of great experiences. We saw a full-body apparition/spirit and mists, in addition to smelling strange perfume in the empty warden’s office. We have also seen shadows, been touched and felt cold spots. We always feel like we’re going to be attacked and threatened in the area as well. The Old Montana Prison offers ghost tours, so anyone can enjoy the historical area and the very dangerous spirits; it’s not for everyone because the spirits are nasty.

Little Bighorn Battlefield Crow Agency, MT
We come here quite often, and have connected with one of the spirits on the trail to the deep ravine area. There is a grave marker in the middle of the trail and the spirit seems to be upset over it and does not like being ignored. So, we come every other year to place tobacco and other offerings to help this spirit. One strange experience we had involved a grasshopper that landed on one of our members and seemed calm on her hand. This took place on a native grave and the grasshopper seemed to be connected to that grave for some reason. The area is overwhelmingly sad. It is hard not to just cry and feel for everyone in this area.

Sacajawea Hotel Three Forks, MT
We have been touched, heard voices, and seen strange mists at this location. One member of our group felt as if she was being choked in one of the rooms where a lady of the night died from unknown causes. Many people have reported seeing the spirits of children and the original owner, Mr. Adams. We have caught EVPs of strange voices.

This October there are quite a few chances for you to be a part of the Bozeman Paranormal experience. On October 14 at 1:30 p.m., Halloween Spooky Stories with Bozeman Paranormal will take place at the Bozeman Public Library in the small conference room. BPS will share spooky stories from folklore as well as their own investigations. Halloween costumes are encouraged, but not required; light refreshments and candy will be shared. On October 18 from 4-9 p.m., Bozeman Paranormal will host Zombie Crawl at Lewis & Clark City Park in Belgrade; more details coming soon on Facebook. On October 19, Bozeman Paranormal will take their annual Halloween Walking Tour at Sunset Hills Cemetery, located in Lindley Park. Two walks are planned, one at 6 p.m. and the next at 9 p.m. The majority of the tour will be focused on learning about the different types of ghost-hunting equipment and hands-on participation.   

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