Ennis Rodeo & Gravel Bar Welcome Back Neon Rainbow

Saturday Jun. 1st, 2024

: With SW Montana growing so fast in the past couple years, how do you feel the new transplants in the area typically react to the music scene here?

Peter King: To be honest, I’ve felt nothing but gratitude from new people moving here as far as music goes. That could also be that playing country music fits into the whole western image of the Montana they’re trying to sell, but country music has always been a part of Moantana for me. It’s no secret amongst locals that this town has always had a lot of talented musicians, but now the newly relocated have noticed as well.

BM: How many different bands or projects are you currently working on?

PK: Right now, I’ve got The Dead Yellers, The Salamanders, solo Peter King stuff, and Neon Rainbow, a 90s country band.

BM: How/When did the idea for Neon Rainbow, your new 90’s Country Music tribute, come about?

PK: We would occasionally do a cover of some 90s country songs with the Dead Yellers and they seemed to be really well received. When I was a kid growing up in the 90s, my dad went through a big Montana cowboy phase in his life, so we’d go on these long drives exploring the state, fly fishing and riding horses, and he’d buy all these country cassette tapes at gas stations, and that’s what we’d listen to for hours on end in the back of this old brown suburban. I guess it just imprinted on my brain.

BM: How will Neon Rainbow be different from other bands that you have started or been in?

PK: Well, it’s going to be a lot more light-hearted and fun. Embracing the silliness of the 90s fashion, but also staying true to represent the songs in a respectful way, ‘cause they really are great songs from back then. It was the last time that country music was real—even though it was marketed, it hadn’t gone full-bro country yet.  

BM: What should people expect when they come to check out Neon Rainbow at the Gravel Bar on July 3?

PK: Brush poppers, twang, big hair, mullets, boot scootin’ boogies… you know, just real authentic 90s country shit. A lot about livin’ and a little bout love, eh!