Sky Shed The Rooftop Destination Of Your Dreams

Sydney Jones  |   Wednesday May. 1st, 2024

The month of May is one full of celebration. Whether you’re commemorating mothers, matriculation, or more, it’s a great time of year to raise your glass in honor of you and your loved ones, and the warm weather that awaits. With perfectly dainty glassware made for beers and cheers, the Sky Shed fills both your physical and metaphorical cup, offering a fabulous atmosphere and unbeatable panoramic views. It’s the perfect downtown location to show off all the beauty that Bozeman has in store.

As you step off the elevator and onto the eighth floor of the Kimpton Armory Hotel, you are immediately greeted by the picturesque and iconic round window that overlooks the breathtaking Gallatin Valley. This moment transforms the night, taking guests from just another hotel bar to a rooftop lounge bustling with high energy and a refreshing aura. The modern industrial design and neutral colors are softened throughout the space with plush seating and perfectly placed rugs, allowing the brightly colored cocktails to serve as pops of color throughout the room.

The unpredictable weather of a Montana spring means that each and every visit to the Sky Shed comes with a unique vibe. A sunny, 65-degree afternoon buzzes with warmth and sunshine as patrons open the large glass doors and venture out onto a spacious balcony. Here, the beauty of a rooftop bar comes into play, allowing the sunshine to warm guests after a long, cold winter. Even as the sun begins to set, patrons cling to the fresh air and exciting outdoor vibes by huddling around one of the fire pit seating areas.

When the snow begins to fall, the bar’s interior provides a cozy cabin vibe, with a roaring fireplace and dim lighting that highlights the beauty of a blizzard as it falls fresh from the night sky. The nearly 360-degree windows boast an outdoor art display, ever-changing right before your eyes. Not only do the vibes switch up with the weather, so does the drink menu. With a seasonal cocktail in hand, you always feel immersed in the scenery around you, like a photograph waiting to be captured.

The variety of seating throughout the large, open-concept bar gives way to whatever mood you may be in. If a romantic date night is in store, one of their private, cozy Snow Sheds (the outdoor, completely see-through bubbles) is always a perfect option. Decorated with seasonal touches, these tiny glass rooms include a small heater, but still encourage cuddling up inside. However, if you arrive ready to socialize, the table placements provide endless opportunities for friends and family to gather around and relax in the comfortable, lounge-style seating. Either way, as the sun sets you’ll find yourself illuminated in the glow of the historic Baxter Hotel sign that sits eye-level and warms up the night sky.

Although the liquor options may seem overwhelming, you can rest easy knowing the choices in front of you are carefully made — and there is truly a drink option for everyone. The handcrafted cocktails are not only delicious, but gorgeous to look at, and unique to the Sky Shed spirit. For beer drinkers, the six available draft options may not seem like enough, but they somehow offer just the right mix of pours, with most of the choices brewed in state. Same goes with packaged beer; although classics like Stella Artois and Guinness make the menu, a few Montana beers hold a spot on the list, allowing guests the opportunity to stick to what they know, or try something new on their Bozeman adventure. With an expansive selection of wines and whiskeys, all palates find themselves satisfied while sipping a drink of choice.

If you’ve just graduated from Montana State University and find yourself in the mood for a celebratory brunch, this is the perfect spot to show off to your family and friends. You can try out a Montana-themed dish, such as Trout Benedict or bison hash and wash it down with bottomless mimosas or more winter-themed alcoholic options such as the Polar Espresso (a classic espresso martini, with a twist). If it’s just a little too early for boozing, they offer many non-alcoholic options, including mocktails that make you feel like part of the crowd without indulging.

The dinner menu matches the goal of brunch, with shareable plates and fresh farm-to-table ingredients. While the options are Montana-esque, they are still original to the rooftop bar. The meals are scattered with local specialties such as huckleberries, Little Belt Cattle Co. beef, and salmon or trout options. If the mood is more serious than shareables, they provide a three- or five-course dinner option (reservations required). The menu boasts many items similar to those of other downtown bars, but the Sky Shed has found a way to craft unique but delicious dinners you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Although the Sky Shed may seem a bit high-end (and high up!) for the typical Montana bar, they pay homage to local patrons on a weekly basis. Last Best Place Wednesdays offer ten percent off your entire bill with a valid Montana ID. So, bring in your mom, (in-state or out-of-state) this Mother’s Day and cover the tab for a great discount, thanking her for putting up with you all these years. Even better, bring her in for a daily happy hour that provides a few specialized items perfect for getting into the nighttime party mood after a relaxing day.

The allure of the Sky Shed is in the bar’s ability to be ever-changing. It’s the perfect spot for a nightcap, a day drink, brunch, tapas, or a full dinner. Somehow, it hits the spot no matter the weather, mood, or occasion. It’s a place where people gather to celebrate milestones and mothers, or to find love or forge friendships. For those walking into the Sky Shed with their ideal night in mind, they are sure to leave satisfied. The Sky Shed never disappoints, and is a top recommendation when locals are asked the inevitable question by out-of-towners: Where should we grab a drink tonight? The Sky Shed is a place visitors love and locals never get tired of, with views beyond comparison.  

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