August 2020

Top 10 Classic Bozeman Businesses

Angie Jamison

Western CafeThis one is getting a fresh burst of popularity thanks to the younger generations having found out about it.  It’s also where everyone wants to bring visitors to give them the “Montana” experience.  What we…

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July 2020

MT Summer Bucket List

Sarah May

With summer travel shifted to more staycation and less epic destinations, building a summer bucket list is a perfect way to make the most of a summer spent living locally. Whether you’re building a list full of solo adventures or planning one…

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June 2020

Murder Along the Yellowstone Trail

The Execution of Seth Danner

Kelly Hartman

Q.  Now, if you will, continue and tell us in your own way, Mr. Smith, what events followed. A.  Well, then, the next morning we were supposed to meet there at 11 o’clock in the forenoon, but we were busy, and we met down there…

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May 2020

Bozeman’s Medical Heroes

Rachel Phillips

In the late 1860s, only a handful of doctors lived in the Gallatin Valley, and most split their time between practicing medicine and other more lucrative careers. Today, our community supports a large regional hospital that employs hundreds of…

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April 2020

Gallatin Valley Pioneer: Jerome Waterman

Chris Marie Forest

Jerome Byron Waterman, my great-great-uncle, led a very full, prosperous and somewhat tragic life in his short 48 years. He was born during the American Civil War on December 17, 1862 in Saginaw, Michigan to Christopher and Catherine Boyle…

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February 2020

Gallatin History Timeline

Rachel Phillips

Gallatin County is a unique place. Throughout our history, environmental and geographical attributes intersected and interacted with the people who lived here, creating new ideas and opportunities. This timeline showcases some of the important events…

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