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October Cover Artist: Larry Blackwood

Larry Blackwood is a fine art photographer from Bozeman, Montana. He has spent over 40 years exploring self-expression through photography. Larry originally worked in a black and white darkroom environment, switching to digital methods around 1998…

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Bacchus Pub

Stepping into the Bacchus Pub within the Baxter Hotel in downtown Bozeman can transport you to another time and place, namely 1929 with architecture designed by Fred Willson, who styled the cozy space to evoke the atmosphere of a historic European…

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Living Local

Get Lost in a Field This Fall

It had been hours since the sun had set, and we had been searching for what seemed like an eternity, but not one member of our group had come any closer to finding the corn maze’s end. In the pitch of night that had fallen over the field of…

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Even In Montana

I walk through the brush with my eyes cast ahead. The heat in the air feels heavy like a blanket draped over my body, one I can’t take off. I try getting used to the heaviness. My gate slows and my breathing steadies. The smoke lingers around…

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Bozeman Symphony 2021

On October 30 and 31 the Bozeman Symphony presents Symphonie Fantastique at the Willson Auditorium. Symphonie Fantastique, the symphony’s second performance of this season, includes Carl Maria von Weber’s “Overture to Der…

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The twenty-something party crowd packed into local Bozeman venue El Camino on Main Street knows every word to this rock n’ roll anthem by The Killers and they aren’t shy about singing along boisterously, arms slung around shoulders or…

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Real Estate

Fall To-Do List

Fall is in the air. There is a certain crispness to it as one can feel the seasons slowly changing. Parents are excited to have kids back in school, hunters are anticipating a successful season, and skiers are readying for winter. Around the house…

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Historic Bozeman

Death By Poison!

The front page of the October 12, 1901 Avant Courier bared the headline “Death by Poison!” It was apparent immediately that the death had been no accident. According to the subheading, this had been the second time that John H. Black, a…

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The Piano Man of the Old Faithful Inn

Inside the doorway, the sounds of a piano playing a jazzy tune from the 1930s drift by like an echo from the past, and I instantly think I recognize the melody. Is that Fats Waller? As I headed towards the door to get a closer listen, a cool rush of…

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A Bozeman Murder Story

Instead of a personal narrative or welcome to Bozeman letter I would like to retell a Bozeman murder story I researched in 2016 with you in this October 2021 issue. In 1965 employees at AMC Sullivan Photo Company at 115 E Main St in Downtown Bozeman…

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There was a theme in last month’s issue of this magazine. Articles by Angie Ripple, Michael Gillan, and Christopher Dyrland-Marquis explored cooperation, samaritanism, neighborliness. In short, they all seemed to say: This is Montana…

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Top 10 List

Top 10 Historic Bozeman Buildings

With technicolor leaves and an excess of pumpkin spice tumbling through the air this autumn, what better way to gear up for the Halloween season than to visit a historic (possibly haunted) building? Dozens of properties across the city qualify to be…

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