October Cover Artist: Larry Blackwood

Friday Oct. 1st, 2021

Larry Blackwood is a fine art photographer from Bozeman, Montana. He has spent over 40 years exploring self-expression through photography. Larry originally worked in a black and white darkroom environment, switching to digital methods around 1998.
Larry works with both representational photography and interpretive images. Recently, composite photographs constructed using multiple images have been the focus of his work. The animal world, symbology, and references to literary, cultural, and mythological icons form the basis of his creations.

Larry has had major solo exhibitions in venues including the Wichita Art Museum, the Center for Contemporary Arts, the Museum of Idaho, the Hockaday Museum of Art, the Art Museum of Southeast Idaho, the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center, the Holter Museum of Art, and the Emerson Center for Art and Culture as well as several museums in China. His work has also been featured in major fine art photography publications including LensWork and B&W.

View more of Larry’s work at www.larryblackwood.com