June 2018

Calamity Jane Dries Out in Bozeman

Rachel Phillips 

Livingston News - “Calamity Jane is in town again. She entered a certain newspaper office in this city this morning and wanted to know where the dirty cur was who said she was in the poor house. She wanted it clearly understood that…she…

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May 2018

Exploring History on Bozeman’s Trails

Else Trygstad-Burke

I think about history quite a bit when I am running in Bozeman and on its surrounding trails. There is something very special about living in a place where the county’s history is visible everywhere you go. This article, intended for both…

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March 2018

Drink to the Health of the Pioneers

The formation of the Gallatin County Pioneer Society and the Sons and Daughters of Gallatin County Pioneers

Kelly Hartman

We the undersigned citizens of Gallatin County and State of Montana, for the purpose of forming a closer union and a renewal of formal fraternal associations of the old Settlers, and to perpetuate memories and to do homage to the sturdy men and women…

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February 2018

Bozeman's History: A Love Story

Else Trygstad-Burke

In the later part of her life, Mrs. Sarah J. Tracy (the wife of William H. Tracy) stated that “My love of our town has grown with the years, and I think of it always by the name Davis Willson used to call it: ‘Bozeman the…

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October 2017

Montana History with a Modern Twist

Clubfoot George

Pat Hill

Clubfoot George met his fate at the end of a Vigilante Association’s hangman’s noose in Virginia City over 150 years ago, and last June, nearly 50 members of his family gathered in that old Montana mining town to remember their ancestor…

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