August 2022

Bozeman | The Sweet Pea City

Angie Ripple

Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley have been known as the valley of the flowers since only native Americans roamed the area. In the early 1900’s over 17,000 acres of the valley were planted in edible peas harvested both for canning and seed. In…

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July 2022

The Life of Montana Legacy

Lesley Gilmore

“Life of Montana” conjures something larger than life and bigger than Montana. Although the Life of Montana Insurance Company was not too big to fail, its signature building at the outskirts of Bozeman remains as testimony…

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June 2022

The Epic Yellowstone Fires of 1988

Rick Gale

One of my most memorable seasons in Yellowstone was in 1988. The fires of ’88 burned 1.4 million acres in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and 36% (793,880 acres) of Yellowstone National Park. These fires were the result of environmental and…

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June 2022

Bozeman Women First in Yellowstone

Bozeman women began visiting Yellowstone Park while the ink was still drying on President Grant’s signature on the bill that created it in 1872. By then many of the men who came to Montana for the gold rush had returned to the states to…

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