April 2015

The Montana Craigslist Reclaimed Home

Penny by Penny or Piece by Piece

It was early last fall, I was browsing Craigslist, and a post about the need for reclaimed materials caught my eye. It said something to this effect: Hi everyone I’m Scott, my wife and I just bought ten acres of land and are trying to build our…

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March 2015

March Editors Note

Keep It Rockin' KGLT

Angie Ripple

Not every town has the luxury of alternative, freeform, commercial free radio. Luckily we Bozemanites have that luxury, and it is called KGLT. If you haven’t turned your radio dial to 91.9FM or 97.1FM in a while (or ever) you totally need to do…

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February 2015

February Editors Note

Reflecting on Charlie Hebdo and our Freedom of Speech

Angie Ripple

I remember walking the halls of my high school, repeating over and over again, a poem that had just come to my mind. I kept repeating it, so that as soon I got to my next class I could remember each word and write them down. It was no doubt a…

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