Time To Emerge

Angie Ripple  |   Friday Apr. 1st, 2022

Spring in Montana is often referred to at our house as Sprinter—spring with some winter still mixed in. With the moderate March we just had, I am looking forward to spring—and it feels as though April will be a great time to set aside our winter rituals and emerge!

This issue of Bozeman Magazine is intended to inspire you to emerge in some way this season. Our events calendar has all of Bozeman’s best events in print and online so that you can be sure to connect with your community and get out for something that interests you, challenges you, or creates an opportunity for you to break into something new. Bozeman events range from educational lectures and classes, kids’ story times, and live music, to theatre and comedy. There really is just about anything you can think of going on here.

Before you get to the Greater Yellowstone Events Calendar at the back of the magazine, you’ll find articles contributed by local writers about Earth Day, sustainable living, and the myth of having a green thumb, as well as the work of past and present local poets, upcoming events including “The Science of Whiskey” and “Cabinets of Curiosity,” and more.

​This month’s cover art is also a nod to emerging… with the bright colors of spring, and the artists' playful animals giving a nod to Easter! We feature local artists on every cover, another way to show who and what makes Bozeman unique. If you would like to contribute your artwork or writing to Bozeman Magazine in the future, please send us an email. We are currently looking for summer cover artists, and writers to contribute articles about Living Local, as well as Opinions, Montana Music, and Recreation.

​“April prepares her green traffic light, and the world thinks: Go.” – Christopher Morley

                                                                                                               painting by cover artist Louisa Hull

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