Mother Nature’s In a Fighting Mood

Angie Ripple  |   Friday Jul. 1st, 2022

Here we are in Montana, riding a river wave of uncertainty about our summer—uncertainty of what the weather will bring, and whether tourists will still be able to have their fun and keep local commerce happy.

Unprecedented amounts of rainfall last month caused substantial flooding, rockslides, and mudslides within Yellowstone National Park, and also affected many other Southwest Montana communities including Gardiner, Red Lodge, and Livingston. Historic (hundred-year) water levels caused severe damage to roads, water and wastewater systems, power lines, and other critical infrastructure in all of these areas. Ten days after the flooding began, Yellowstone’s superintendent warned that Gardiner may be isolated from Yellowstone for up to a year as the road between Mammoth and Gardiner is rebuilt, and that it could take years to build a new road from Gardiner to Mammoth suitable to sustain the thousands of vehicles that traverse that entrance daily during the peak season. Tourists will not be allowed to enter at the North Entrance, or the Northeast entrance for the foreseeable future. The grit of the Gardiner community is being put to the test, but Montanans have what it takes to make a comeback. You can still get to Gardiner, and there is a lot to do: hiking; biking; fishing; hot springs soaking; rafting, and horseback riding. There are great places to eat and drink, and the entire community welcomes your visit.

While last month’s magazine focused on the 150th anniversary of Yellowstone National Park, this month’s issue is full of all-things-summer in the greater Bozeman area. The July Top 10 List features the best Bozeman activities for summer. Check out many more Top 10 lists at

Be sure to check out Steve McGann’s list of hiking essentials—and don’t miss a riveting cautionary recreation tale from longtime resident, Phil Knight. We’ll give you a sneak preview of the Tinworks Art program “Montana: Culture Industry,” an exhibit that includes artwork from this month’s cover artist, Louis Still Smoking, as well as a summer music festival mix, and everything you need to know about the Tedeschi Trucks Fireside Live fundraiser for Haven at the Armory Music Hall this August.

Historical features include a look at the Life of Montana Building, and the Gallatin County Earthquake of 1925. This month’s real estate article details cash sales in the Bozeman area this year. Finally, meet the owners of Belgrade’s Chalet Market, a place that has not changed much in a very long time, while everything around it seems to have changed a whole lot in no time at all.

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